A very productive weekend

Well despite a not so brilliant start yesterday with the technology thingies I have had a lovely weekend. I abandoned the computer yesterday afternoon and went out to do some shopping – calling in on the way for a bit of Knit and Natter at my local yarn store, Woolly Minded and Beady Eyed. I am glad to say I seem to have cracked the problem with the variegated wool and the wristwarmers so the second of the pair should be finished soon.  

I finished the stitching on the pressie for my friend late last night – just got the border to finish tonight and am planning to make it up tomorrow. She keeps chickens so I thought it would be an appropriate present and I have some fab chicken fabric to back it with.  

JBW Rooster
A little rooster sunning himself in the garden!

The design is called Rooster (surprise that!) and is from the wonderful JBW Designs  – I am going to treat myself to some of their Xmas ones this year – might even find time to stitch one for my tree as well as all of the gifts. Sew and Sew web site  do the largest range of designs I have found for the UK. I am very tempted by so many of their designs but particularly this one as I am stitching another reindeer design as my gift ornie for this year so it would maybe be nice to vary it. 

JBW Reindeer
JBW Reindeer

Or maybe the Xmas pud just for me … 

JBW Plum pudding
JBW Plum pudding

But the stocking is also very cute … 

JBW Stocking
JBW Stocking

And then there is the Snow Globe … 

JBW Snow Globe
JBW Snow Globe

And two lovely tree motif samplers (but I have done a lot of trees over the years!) 

JBW Xmas 2
Xmas Motif Sampler
JBW Xmas motif
Xmas Motif Sampler 2

If you have a preference let me know in a comment as I am going to have a hard time deciding! 

We have also been busy in the garden – ably assisted by Jake I have been trimming laurel hedges, cutting grass and generally tidying up and it looks very lovely – all that rain has done it good! Have also been baking and have made my first ever Lemon Drizzle Cake (a request from Jake) from the recipe on Nigella’s website.  

Garden Aug 10
The fruits of my weekend labour - tidy garden, stitching and cake!

Have also been doing lots of lovely reading, being holiday season I had bought lots of books and then went to the local library with Jake – I don’t normally visit the library as I have lots of books already in hand and really love buying them (and so quick and so cheap and so easy – thanks to Amazon!) but was browsing and came across a couple of books about quilting – novels with a quilt theme. I have heard of these from knitting and stitching friends so borrowed the two they had and finished the first one in a day. So I went and found a load more on the lovely Amazon.  

They are called the Elm Creek Novels by Jennifer Chiaverini and you can see them here at the Amazon listing. I really like the way that they are historically based  novels as well as about quilting and about the women that quilt. Though I have not really done much quilting myself I love looking at quilts and finding out about the history of quilts and quilting so this is literary heaven – with very good storylines too!  

I had just finished reading the Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill   

Book of Negroes
Book of Negroes

which was excellent and the first Elm Creek Book I read was The Sugar Camp Quilt which is set in the North USA during the time of the fight against slavery. An excellent book and a very interesting read after the Hill book.  

I treated myself to two anthologies of the first Elm Creek 6 books and another 2 based around Xmas and New Year themes as they were all very cheap in a bundled new book deal.  

Elm Creek Qults
Elm Creek Sampler - the first three
Elm Creek Quilts 2
Elm Creek Album - the second three novels

 That should keep me going for a while – all the rest in the series are very cheap  second hand on Amazon as well.  

Don’t know if I will be able to post again this week and we are away next weekend – we are going to Tribfest in Beverley – a music festival composed entirely of tribute bands! My sister went last year and said it was great so we are meeting up with her and the kids and her friend for a weekend of boogieing! I have not been to a festival since about 1988 (though have been to lots of live music during the last few years which I really love) so am really looking forward to this!  

Thanks for visiting.

6 thoughts on “A very productive weekend

  1. Enjoy your weekend. Beverley is a pretty town, and there’s quite a lot to see around and about if the music fails to appeal after a while!

    • Hello Rachel Thanks we will – yes I have been Beverley a few times before as we used to do a re-enactment show there so went visiting – and to the cathedral which is lovely. The line up for the festival looks great – lots of ‘my era’ music such as Madness, Areosmith, Madonna etc as well as tributes to Black Eyed Peas, Green Day etc which me and the kids also like so I’m looking forward to it. Plus they have a couple of jacuzzis there and a champagne bar so it sounds like a nice glamping weekend as well! Thanks Alison

  2. Love the rooster Alison – where did you buy the pattern?, would love to stitch this for my sister, she, like your friend also keeps hens.

    • Hello Barbara Iordered it from Sew and Sew – I put the link in that post – they are UK based so it only took a few days to arrive. Hope that you are well and hope to see you sometime soon- let me know if you would like to meet up for lunch sometime. Thanks Alison

  3. Thanks Alison – will look at the link. Hoping to have a few days holiday with my sister soon. Would love to meet up for lunch, will be in touch at the end of the month.

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