A little me time!

Hello there

I have had a lovely time this weekend with some of my very good friends in a beautiful lodge in Sherwood Forest.

Sherwood girls 2

These are some of the women I have known since my kids were little and we usually have a weekend away every year. This year it was a lovely lodge with a jacuzzi 🙂

Sherwood girls 4

Sherwood girls 3

We had a couple of very nice walks, saw some interesting mushrooms and ate lots of yummy food and relaxed.A thoroughly lovely time with great company.

Sherwood girls weekend

Sherwood girls 5

Sherwood girls 6

Hope that you had a nice time whatever you did, thanks for visiting.

Autumn Colours

Well Autumn is definitely here in the Colne Valley.

The last of the tents is drying out on the line ready to be packed away until next season and the air has turned colder.

I am often sad at the end of the season as I so love camping and re-enacting but am really looked forward to my second Autumn here.

Being so much more rural I can really see all of the changing colours of the seasons all around me and the other day I had a lovely walk along the canal to pick blackberries and took these pictures for you.

Autumn colours 2

Autumn colours 3

Autumn colours 4

Autumn colours 5

Autumn colours 6

I also popped into the local charity shop (to donate) but came away with this beautiful tray cloth.

Flower cloth

Flower cloth 3

Flower cloth 4

Flower cloth 5

I am thinking of maybe framing some of these pieces as I now have far too many just to make things from them and think these might go very nicely in the kitchen.

The designs remind me very much of some of Kelly Fletcher from Materialistic– a very talented embroidery designer from South Africa who has some beautiful freebies on her Craftsy shop – look for the Bloomin’ Marvellous designs.

She also has some gorgeous designs for sale – really inspirational stuff!

I now have the ultimate luxury of a Sunday to do whatever I want to 🙂 Jake has gone back to University (not that he was any trouble while he was here!) but I am home alone with only myself to please.

Shall it be Christmas ornaments, knitting more dresses for bunnies, stitching? Maybe all three! I am making a start on my autumn exchange piece today and have chosen some beautiful brown silks for the piece.

Or a walk on the hills? it is beautiful and sunny today so I might just don the walking boots and get out there 😉

I hope that you are having a lovely day whatever you have decided to do.

Thanks for visiting.

Lovely doors of Ludlow

When we visited Ludlow Castle a while ago I noticed that they had a poster of doors of Ludlow for sale in the gift shop.

As regular readers know I love taking pictures of doors 🙂 much to the amusement of family and friends so when I went back again this last weekend I took the opportunity to take a couple of photos.

Ludlow doors

Ludlow door 2

I also took some more photos of the beautiful Tudor buildings there which I thought I would share with you.

Tudor Ludlow

Tudor Ludlow 2

Tudor Ludlow 3

Tudor Ludlow 5

Tudor Ludlow 6

Tudor Ludlow 7

As well as original Tudor buildings there are some later ones in Tudor style and a beautiful market hall.

Tudor Ludlow 8

Tudor Ludlow 9

Tudor Ludlow 4

We also visited the church and a Tudor house with some fantastic carved wood panelling so I will put all those in a later post.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

Sunny end to the season!

We spent last weekend at beautiful Caldicot Castle in South Wales, one of my favourite venues and despite a bad forecast and wet weather all the way down we had a lovely weekend with lots of sun.

Here are some of my favourite sights – medieval tents in a sunny castle!

Caldicot Castle 4

Caldicot Castle 3

Caldicot Castle 2

Caldicot Castle

I have found the picture I took at an earlier event of the helm mantle I made, this is the red covering with plaited band in the front of the picture, the orle I made earlier is at the back.

Helm mantle

The Sisters of Mercia, our little watercarrying group, have had a lovely, lovely season, we have really enjoyed ourselves and made some new friends as well as spending time with old ones.

We are really looking forward to next year.

I will leave you with this pic of us – courtesy of our friend Dave, this was taken before going onto the battlefield. Since the very hot Tewkesbury event and the introduction of cold flannels (as well as water and jelly babies :-)) we have been carrying our own flannels.

Sisters at Caldicot

I have titled this picture, ‘Kerry demonstrating to the Sisters the correct use of the cold flannel’ 🙂 We are obviously listening to her really carefully! It is a skilled job this watercarrying you know.

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.

Christmas is coming!

Hello there

Apparently it is a mere 3 months till Christmas which is obviously why my local Co-Op has stocked up with the Xmas chocs.

That is maybe slightly more understandable than them selling mince pies with a sell by date of the end of October (although you can of course eat these at any time of year and you might want to train up for a mince-pie eating fest at the actual festive season – who knows).

Us crafty types can be forgiven for getting in the mood early on (I have yet to participate in a Christmas in July event but I am intrigued) however I have made a start on the ornaments that I will be hopefully be selling at craft fairs this year.

I have quite a lot of stock from last year as I did not do my usual Oakwell Hall fair due to going to China but am hoping to do that this year.

I did manage to make these two baubles but sadly had a major malfunction with the rest of the polystyrene balls that I had in my stash which literally fell apart as I was using them hence only two completed 😦

Bauble making Sept

Baubles Sept

I promised you photos of Chesterfield Church that I visited recently when I went to stay with Ellie so here they are.

Chesterfield Church

Chesterfield Church 2

Chesterfield Church 3

Chesterfield Church 4

Chesterfield Church 5

Chesterfield Church 6

The church is famous for its twisted spire as it is made of wood and has warped over the years but I did not realise that it had the amazing effigies and alter art inside.

A beautiful church and well worth a visit.

I have been to our last event of the season – fab times and have lots more pics of loveliness for you which I will post this weekend.

Thank you for visiting.