Season is over – sad! But hello new me……

Well here I am posting on a Sunday night again – this means that things are back to normal (or what passes for normal around here!!) with the last event of the year. I was originally going to an event next weekend in South Wales but unfortunately finances are not going to allow that now so I have just done the last outside event yesterday – very sad, no camping, no campfires, no clothes smelling of woodsmoke, no fun in the beer tent , no great battles and shows … until next April.

I really hate not being out of doors camping but at least this year I have Nepal to look forward to – two weeks in a tent and the most amazing mountains in the world yippee – it is getting very close now and I am getting very excited – we have another building training event coming up in three weeks which will be our last one before we all go off – we fly out on 10th October.

This pics were taken at the show last weekend at Bolsover Castle.

The  pic comes from the part of our show the Manorial Court where the King dispenses justice – this is very funny part of the show – the person in the stocks is our arch villain John de Greilley who has stolen the tournament money – a part wonderfully played by the very funny Lee who is a natural comedian. In the background seated you can see my lovely daughter Ellie in a dark blue dress looking every inch the beautiful medieval lady.

Manorial Court
Manorial Court

It has been a really quick season this year – for various reasons we have not been to as many events as usual. But I am looking forward to the off season and the chance to spend more time on textiles!

Happy day

Am having a happy day today despite some fairly major problems at work but I’m sure it will all be sorted eventually thanks to my excellent colleague Julie. I am still on track to go part time from Monday so Friday will be my last day in this role which is very liberating – hello new me. Have now no idea where things will take me which is very strange as up until recently I had a very clear plan for most of the rest of my life but have decided that I like this fate thing in some ways. Bit scary but lots of positives.

Excellent weekend which has put me in a very good mood – here is a pic of us all outside the little castle.  Nearly all of the group are there – apologies to Luke who was absent . Don’t we all look lovely in our costumes!

Order of Fighting Knights at Bolsover Castle
Order of Fighting Knights at Bolsover Castle

They really are the best bunch of people in the world and I am so lucky to have them all. We have such a laugh together and support each other and they are like a big extended family. I am starting to feel like some kind of normality is returning as we are now back at work and the kids are at school from next week – the holidays have been lovely but it is time to go back to real life.

It’s going to be strange for all of us as there are big changes ahead – me and work and the whole embroidery business,  Ellie with her A levels and moving away to University next year and Jake with starting his GCSEs. But they are so fab, strong, kind, caring and really good company.

Hope that wherever you are you are having a happy day too – take care and be strong.

Spanish sun!

Well got back from Spain last Weds very late – it was a lovely holiday very hot so we spent most of our time at the beach, pool and water parks. Lots of sitting around reading books, going out for meals and generally being very slobby which was lovely. Heat was a bit intense at times though (not to complain!) so had to go and cool off in the jacuzzi pictures of that and us all out for a meal in the local square below.

Out for a meal
Out for a meal
Jacuzzi time!
Jacuzzi time!
Please note that I do have a bit of a tan in these pics – not easy when you burn as easily as me but I am a lot browner than before.
After Spain it was a quick two day turnaround for us to get ready for last big OFK re-enactment of the season at Bolsover Castle. We had a wonderful weekend and thanks to the 3000 plus people who came to see us, to the rest of the group for being the best extended family anyone could have and extra special thanks to Stef who came and joined us and made it into a very special last full show of the season. I am off to South Wales in two weeks but most of the group are not coming and then will will only be all together once more this year in Nov.
Am really sad once again at the prospect of no life under canvas – will have to resort to sniffing the tents to get the smell of wood smoke  ho hum ……..

It’s all go here!

Right – have just got back from the Bodelwyddan event in North Wales and am packing up to go to Spain tomorrow. We had a wonderful time in Cornwall with the Tintagel event – a bit wet unfortunately and so not much beach visiting but three good battles and lots of visiting the beer tent and sitting round the campfire. North Wales was somewhat drier – today being very sunny indeed and good battles and again more beer tent and campfire activity. Did not get any good battle pics but friends did so will hopefully be able to include one or two later. Am having a little bit of IT trouble at the moment as the drive that all my pics are stored on is not being recognised by the computer so cannot even post any old pics.

Thnak again to all my fab friends and special very big hugs to Bev, Tracey, Carl and Denise for being so brilliant – life is wonderful!

Now off to get hot and make full use of Mum’s jacuzzi!