Preparation is the key!

Thankfully I finished my friend’s present a couple of days ago as yesterday I managed to trap my little finger on my left hand in a car door and it still very painful so I am a bit one-handed now! It is not broken but I think I may lose the fingernail, it is wrapped up at the mo but will have a look again later (yuk!). So no sewing for me for a couple of days! 

I decided in the end to do a pincushion finish rather than a pinkeep as the finished design is quite big but I did still do the little scissor pocket at the back. The fabric is a piece I got from a fabric sale locally when a company called Doughty’s  who come to my town every year. They also have an online store at that link. 

Pincushion front
JBW Designs 'Rooster'

Pincushion back
Charms on back from Stitch Direct as before

Stitch Direct  are a wonderful online retailer of all manner of stitchy goodness – beware this site can cost you money (but they do send you very nice things in return!) 

Speaking of stitchy goodness I am just off to Sew and Sew  now to order my Xmas JBW Designs. I have decided on the reindeer, the Xmas Pud and one of the tree sets – see previous post for pics of these. Also need to visit Amazon again for more Elm Creek Novels – they arrived on Friday and I have already read the first four! 

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4 thoughts on “Preparation is the key!

    • Thanks Jane , my friend really liked the pincushion. Finger is a bit better but still very sore – luckily I will have lots of help this weekend while away from my lovely children. Have packed some knitting and stitching so inbetween bands am hoping to get some stuff done. Just hope the weather clears up been raining lots here tonight! Alison

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