Glamping Part 2 – The Festival Edition!

Well we have just got back from a very fab and very hot weekend at Tribfest – well hot until the middle of last night when it decided to pour down so we had a wet pack up to acclimatise ourselves for the return home, where it is also wet so the tent is in hanging up to dry in the garage! It was a great event where we saw tributes to lots of bands including Madness, Bon Jovi, Green Day and Lady Ga Ga. We really enjoyed it and are buying tickets for next year asap. 

We bought VIP tickets on the advice of my sister who went last year as you get lots of extras for not much more money such as camping near the arena – so you can mellow out back at the tent (or knit in my case!) and still listen to the bands, a VIP tent with bar,  indoor and outdoor seating and extra bands and best of all jacuzzis! 

This is us on Friday afternoon – 

Glamping - jacuzzi
Sadly they only sold champagne by the bottle or I would have been sipping some as well

The kids had a great time – my niece Sarah and my sister Jacky dressed up for the occasion – this is Sarah on Friday night. 

Tribfest - Sarah
There were lots of people in fancy dress - tutus were very in this year!

Ellie had her festival wellies on (as did most of the girls – I must get some pretty ones for next year -mine are a boring blue). 

Tribfest - kids
Ellie, Jake, Sam and Sarah

Some people were even more dressed up – this is the festival mascot – 

Tribfest Cow
I bet he was a bit warm!

We had a very nice VIP beer tent to sit in – 

Glamping - Tribfest tent
Look flowers on the tables!

And a great view of the stage from the outside seating area – 

Tribfest - stage
A little bit of summer festival sun

Jacky’s friend Chris was also with us – another glamping camper with a selection of mini wines – 

Chris's wine
Mini rose and glass
Glamping - Chris's glass
This is one Chris bought at a previous festival - it came full with a peel off lid - how convenient!

My finger is mending well – thanks for the good wishes – and I was able to finish off knitting the wristwarmers, finally made a second matching one that I happy with – here they are in the field outside the tent where I finished them yesterday – while having a little mellow and a glass of red!


Wristwarmers 1
Not identical but good enough!
Wristwarmers 2
Waffle Stitch Wristwarmers - a freebie from Ravelry

I have just got to stitch them up the side now – I knitted these at Xmas for Jake and they are a very quick knit and look very effective. The waffle stitch pattern is a simple four row repeat which uses knit two, purl two for two rows and then two rows of plain knit. 

Talking of wristwarmers (or fingerless gloves)  my friend Barbara from knitting group has just finished the most gorgeous pair for her daughter. I hope that she won’t mind me sharing this pic from her blog with you – 

Barbara's mitts
They look even more gorgeous in real life - knitted in a silky sublime 4 ply

I would love to have a go at these – pattern details are on Barbara’s blog – it is from Ravelry but uses double-pointed needles which I have not tried yet. Barbara is a much cleverer knitter than me and does all sorts of gorgeous patterns using fine needles. 

My new Xmas cross -stitch patterns from JBW have arrived today so I have got lots to amuse myself with – next weekend is the last camping of the season where we shall be back at Bolsover for our final show of the year, then it will be candles lit and on the sofa for another winter season! 

Thanks for visiting.