Well apologies for the lack of recent posts – two and a half weeks later and the builders are still here – I am still cleaning every night (after work, start at 8.30 finish about 10 eat at 10.30 and fall asleep on computer after 3 glasses of wine at 11.30!). However (and she is probably tempting fate by saying this!) it really all should be done soon.

Last bits of electrical work are to be done tomorrow and then two last bits of plastering and it is all done bar the decorating ,fitting the bathroom, building the new furniture, restoring the garden and working out where we put all the boxes of stuff we moved out during the build!
Not been the best time to do this what with the work situation and all but today is a very significant day in the career of. I have just taught my last evening class. Next week I have one group doing presentations so I have no preparation to do for that and that is it – after 17 years! It will be so good (and very weird) to not have to rush around in the morning sorting out tea and remember all the things that need to be got ready. I will be here at home most of the week and even when I do have to go to work will return while there is still daylight!
In light of this I have just got some new business cards done and am going to be fitting out the new study/workroom over the next few weeks with storage for all of the fabric that currently resides all over the house.Am getting very excited now – seems a long long time since I made the decision in Feb and we are now nearly there.
Do not have any pics from build ready to upload but will leave you with another nice piece from my historical embroidery collection.


Blackwork caul
This is the most wonderful reproduction of Elizabethan blackwork – I have forgotten who the embroider is whose site I got it from but I think it was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) based in the USA as I have visited a lot of their wonderful sites. They have some very talented embroiderers in their groups.If you are the clever person who did this, or know them please leave me a comment so that I can credit you properly.

Hopefully normal blogging service will be resumed soon!

Rome wasn’t built in a day ….

But it looks like the loft conversion will be finished on schedule about the end of next week (hurrah!). Not that the builders haven’t been very lovely but it will be nice to not have to listen to all the banging and not come home to 2 hours worth of cleaning and mopping every night after an evening’s teaching.

Thank God for Henry ! The Henry in question is my wonderful vac who has done sterling work this week with all the black dust, wood shavings and bits of plasterboard.

I am posting extensive pics of the build for my Mum to see the progress not because I am a sad woman with nothing else to do.

I am now getting on to the fun bit which is the interior decorating – I love the design bit (hence my addiction to the Sims) and would happily move house and interior decorate constantly if it wasn’t for all the hassle that goes with it. My ideal would be to have enough money to do a bit of property development (preferably in Spain as it is nice and warm!) on houses I did not have to live in.

However it has not been too bad at all (she says after vast quantities of wine have been consumed this week to keep nerves steady in coping with cleaning and working all hours God sends as well) and it is nearly finished!

I am very pleased with the end results- Jake has a lovely big room with fantastic views out over the trees to the moors and a cute little shower room – which will look fab once finished  (I spent a very happy two hours in B and Q yesterday choosing fixtures and it will look very classy.) I am going for a contemporary look with a very nice sink and some fab dark metallic mosaic tiles. He has chosen a colour scheme of red,black, white and grey and I have just about got everything else sorted or ordered.

We will still have Jake’s old room which is going to be a study/guest room with just about enough room for a single bed (don’t worry Mum) and desk. Next step is to get painting and find some decorators to do hall, landing and stairs as I do not have time for that bit.

As a bit of light relief from pics of the messy stuff here are a couple of pics of my lovely new firepit/bar-b-que to replace the rusted through chiminea which we tested out last week and of the beautiful clematis that is in bloom in my garden. And of the lovely rose bush my students bought me last week when they left. Thank you very much all of you (and for the chocs and wine – they have come in very handy this week!). Rest assured I have been talking to it!


Clematis 2

Clematis 1

Rose bush

Will post some of the Rome pics when I get chance….. now off to play moving house on the Sims – so much easier!

The loft conversion!

We are now about half way through the build and so far so good. Despite everyone telling me horror stories about the amount of horrible black dust there has been little mess really apart from the bit where they took the  ceiling down which was only to be expected. However the builders have been fab and they sealed all of the rooms so there was very little mess anywhere but the hall, landing and stairs which I have spent most of the last three days mopping! However it is all looking very good – have not been up in the roof space yet but it looks like it is going to be a lovely big room for Jake and we will have an additional bathroom – (yay three toilets to clean!). The stairs are going in this week and then I will be able to go up and and see it and work out how much room we have for furniture etc. Jake has chosen his colour scheme and we have bought various bits this week like the bed and chosen tiles, flooring etc so it is all coming together. I was absolutely dreading the whole experience as I hate mess and am really obsessive about cleaning but it really has been remarkably stress free so far thanks to the lovely builders. I am so glad as things are still really busy at work and I would not have had the time for major clean ups.

Below is a little slide show to show you the build so far.