Photo Scavenger Hunt – June

Hello everyone – here are my latest pics.

I have mainly themed these round two locations – one is the place where I work as that enabled me to get a lot of the target words covered and the other is our recent trip to Tatton Hall in Cheshire as I was looking for some interesting ways of covering some of the other words.There are also some random ones so I will start with those first.

Farm Animal

My lovely LYS Woolly Minded and Beady Eyed has a new addition , this very cute sheep now resides outside the shop wearing a fetching fancy yarn scarf. He is looking a bit over exposed in this pic as he has nice woolly curls on his back that you can’t really see here.



Luckily Ellie brought this home just after we got the words for this month – it is a pressie for one of her friends so I snapped it straight away!


Childhood Memory

childhood memories

This is the first of the pics from Tatton Hall and was part of the displays of vintage toys in the gamekeeper’s cottage. My grandmother was probably the one who taught me to sew as a child as she was very good seamstress and I do remember having a machine when I was young , though not a miniature one like these.

My grandmother used to make most of mine and my sister’s clothes and we were always dressed in matching outfits – I remember one particularly fetching one of tartan kilts and ponchos (luckily I don’t know where the photo evidence for that has gone so you will be spared!) She did used to take me fabric shopping a lot , to the local markets and to a marvellous shop called Gordon Thoday’s which was a huge shop with bolts of material everywhere. Therefore I suspect she is responsible for my fabric addiction – thanks Nana!


Again from Tatton – this box was in the Victorian Kitchen.



And this was in the Victorian Parlour laid for high tea with the china cheese server on the table – in the days when cheese all came in the same shape!



This is my little friend Paddy on the right of the pic from our medieval group with a fellow fire juggler. This is part of what we do to entertain ourselves of an evening at an event – along with the campfire and ale (or in my case cider!) Paddy is 11 so he is doing really well at it and was able to produce some great fire circles himself.


Something with your town’s name

This was an easy one as this is where I work , this sign is on the outside of my office wall!

town name

The view right outside your door

And this is the view outside the door of my office, the section of the campus where I work is all the old converted textile mills and this is the old mill chimney in the car park. You can still smell the lanolin in some of the buildings and the canal runs at the back of them.

view outside door

Architectural Detail

This is my building, the old mills were five or six stories high and made from beautiful Yorkshire stone.

architectural detail

Tree Branches

The canal behind the buildings is lined with trees with seating areas along the canal path and ducks and squirrels which makes it a lovely campus.The building I work in is called Lockside as it is next to the working lock and in the summer lots of canal boats go past.The canal was restored and re-opened about 10 years ago.

tree branches

Something beginning with Z

I studied at the University as an undergraduate and then this building was called Z Block, I had my Geography lectures in here. I really like the detail on the roof and I am pleased with the reflections of clouds in this pic.

something beginning with z

Wheel trim

Another of the set of pics taken at work – lots of cars park on our campus and this one had a very pretty wheel! I think it looks a bit like a quilt pattern.

wheel trim

I do hope you like the pics and look forward to seeing everyone else’s, I will be popping over to Kathy’s blog  to do that later and to get the list for next month. We are off to London next week to do some sightseeing so I am hoping to get some of them then.

Thanks as always for visiting.

Unseasonal Stitching

Hello there

It has been a very busy week for me – work wise, family wise and crafting wise. We have got a lot done this week – am spending most of the next couple of weeks at work finishing off the marking and admin for this year’s group of students and starting the planning for next year so we shall be busy before we go away on holiday.

 Jake has been very busy with his assignments as he finishes college next week – he has been doing some very impressive 3D modelling as part of his Games Design course. We went to Teeside University Open Day this week to look at a Games Design degree for him and this week are going to Newcastle for their Open Day – all very exciting stuff!

Ellie and I have been doing lots of crafting – she has been doing it all week (lucky thing!) but I have only been doing bits evenings and weekends but we have both had a very productive weekend. This is what Ellie finished off this week. The cat is a present for one of the family babies and the bags are for friends of hers, aren’t they lovely – especially the glasses case in the last picture.

The pattern ideas all come from the Cath Kidston Sew book I bought her for her birthday but she has adapted most of them. She is now working on a pile of very cute pincushions from the same book – pics to follow!

Ellen's knitted cat 

Ellen's bag

Glasses case

I have been mainly finishing and making Xmas ornies this week – hence the title of this post though it has not been very summery weather until today when it was scorching hot so it did seem a little strange in my very warm conservatory with all the doors open putting together Christmas fabric.

The first two pics are stitching finishes – one of the latest in my JBW ornie  series with a cute little tree and the other reindeer ornie was a cross stitch mag freebie that Ellie stitched a while ago that I have turned into an ornie.

June Xmas ornies

June Xmas ornies 2

Both of the backing fabrics for the above ornies were purchases from the recent Malvern Quilt Show and are from Makower’s  current Xmas fabric range – I am very pleased with the way that the reindeer ornie matches the backing fabric – as if they had been made for each other!

I have started working on my stock for Xmas craft fairs this year – using the same ideas as I did for all the little patchwork trees last year. This time I am doing some hanging ornies. I have used the same technique of a backing fabric with Bondaweb ironed on and then lots of fabric scraps crazy patchworked on. I have then zig zag stitched all the joins then I cut out the shapes.

I have done a set of hearts this weekend and I think that they look very cute when finished with one of my little brass charms. The pics below show the cut outs with the ‘Merry Christmas’ backing fabric I have used with a couple of finished hearts and a close up of one of the hearts.

Xmas hearts 1

Xmas hearts 2

Well it is late now and I have a busy week ahead so will have to say bye for now – thanks as always for visiting and have a lovely week!

Castles and Kings


I hope that you are all having a nice week. I have been taking some pictures at our recent re-enactment events and thought I would share them with you today. The last two events have been a little wet in places (lovely British weather!) but we have had a good time despite the rain.

We were at Ashby de La Zouche Castle in Leicestershire at the end of May – the castle ruins are really imposing and I took these shots on the Saturday evening when all the public had gone home, the first ones are of the tower and the latter ones what is left of the chapel, I love the ironwork on these pics. In the middle is Lord Percy’s tent with its pennants flying in the evening breeze.

Ashby Castle 2

Ashby castle 1

Ashby castle 3

Ashby castle 4

Ashby castle 5

We spent last weekend at Tatton Park in Cheshire at an event, the person who plays the king at other events was there. I have previously posted pictures of his goldwork surcoat and heraldry and was able to take some pictures of the goldwork banners outside his tent on the way to the beer tent on Saturday night – isn’t this wonderful work!

King's banner

I have previously posted pics of Lord and Lady Bardolph from our group in all their finery but this weekend they were going on to the field as archers so here they are looking very stylish in their padded jacks and helms!

Lady Bardolph Archer

Lord Bardolph - Archer

Lord Bardolph’s jack is the one he wears under his armour which excuses its rather mucky state and both jacks are fine examples of quilting as a utilitarian craft – all the combatants wear some form of quilted armour on body, legs of head when fighting, either under armour or on its own.

Lastly a pic of what keeps us warm when it is wet and windy in a field , one of my favourite bits of re-enactment,  the fire we sit round at night. I love watching the way the logs burn,  it really is magic!

Ashby fire

I will return at the weekend with crafting pics, both myself and Ellie have been busy so will catch up with you all then.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice week.

Malvern Quilt Show

Hello there

I hope that you are all well. I thought I would share with you some of the pics that we took of the quilty loveliness at the Malvern Quilt Show that Ellie and I visited a couple of weeks ago. We got loads of ideas and were very inspired by the designs used and impressed by the level of skills in both the patchwork and the quilting. So much so that I have bought a foot for my machine to enable me to do free motion quilting and will be attempting that over the summer.

Here is a little selection of the ones we really liked – sorry I have misplaced the show guide so cannot tell you who made them but thanks to all those people whose very hard work made the show so good.

Quilt show 2

Quilt show 1

Quilt show 3

Quilt show 4

Quilt show 5

Quilt show 6

Wonderful aren’t they. I was reading Crazy Mom’s blog  again last night and she has some really lovely circle quilts on the go at the moment that I may attempt some day. I have done a bit more on my Xmas stained glass throw and cushion covers this week but nothing worth taking pics of – just attaching the batting and doing some very basic quilting round the design. Am thinking about hand quilting some Xmas motifs in the borders so will try that out.

Not a great deal has got done today of any note due to very bad weather, the planned garden fettle and bbq has been postponed due to torrential rain all day (in June I ask you, what is happening?) I hope that the weather is good next weekend as we have a big re-enactment event at Tatton Hall in Cheshire. This is our only big event this year, sadly,  so I am hoping for a really good time so please pray for fine weather for us!

Will catch up with you all after that – thank you for visiting.

And relax ………..

I have just come back from a great week in Spain , I went this time with my lovely friend Kerry who very much enjoyed herself and it is now the end of term so after this week no more teaching . Hopefully I am set for a mellow summer – a lot of marking to be done but I am very much looking forward to the next few months. That is the very nice thing about my job that it is quiet during the best times of the year so that I can get my work – life balance better when the evenings are lighter and the weather nice (though we did return to good old Yorkshire rain which looks set in for the rest of the week!)

Very little crafting was done this week though I did manage to finish a square for Knit in Public Day on Saturday. Lydia from Spun yarn shop  here in Huddersfield is having a Knit and Natter on Saturday to sew all of the squares together to make charity blankets – sadly I can’t go as I am teaching but Ellie is going and she has made some squares as well.

Here is mine – the pattern is Moss Stich Diamonds from my Knitters’ Bible book in some left over Sublime yarn.

And these are Ellie’s in garter stitch made from Escape – a lovely variegated wool.

Knitted square 2

I have also finished another Xmas ornie – a little JBW tree  from the Christmas Keepsakes 2 chart from Sew and So that I have backed with pretty red tree fabric, this one I have added seed beads to as well on the tree and all around the edging.

JBW tree ornie 1

JBW tree ornie 2

Ellie was busy while I was away – she has used her birthday pressies to make the gorgeous Cath Kidston bag that came with her Sew  book and to make some other little bags as well for herself and friends. She says that she is having trouble the straight lines with her quilt but she has made a very good job of the bag – I love the button detail on the side.

Ellen's CK bag

Ellie CK bag detail

Ellen's toilet bag

Now that I have the batting I am planning to finish off the throws for the sofa soon and am still cracking on with Xmas ornies. Am having a little problem with the pattern for the pink Sublime baby cardi so that is on hold till I can find a correction for the pattern as the instructions for the left front make no sense at all!

I will leave you with a few pics from Spain, the cactuses that I took pics of the last time I went have flowered and here is a lovely door in Oriheula at the cathedral – I could have saved this for the ‘architectural detail’  pic for this month’s scavenger hunt  but have many lovely other Oriheula pics to choose from.

Spain cactus 3

Spain cactus 4

Spain Oriheula door

We went back to the park in Guardamar where we saw some cute little red squirrels and this time I took some bread for them. They were very tame, here is one letting me feed him with pieces from my hand and a close up of him later playing on a tree.

Spain - squirrel 1

Spain squirrel 2

Hope that you have had a lovely week and are gearing up to Summer. Thanks as always for visiting.