The problem with technology ……….

Is that we have come to rely on it so much. I have just acquired a new (to me) laptop courtesy of Ellie who has got a new one so donated poor old Mum her old one. Fantastic thought I , as I have been making do with a very, very old and slow cast off from work since my last PC failure a few months ago. Finally I can type and the letters will appear on the screen as I am doing it (rather than 5 seconds later) which will make blog posts so much quicker. Also I can install my fave game The Sims  and build and furnish lots of nice houses which will make light relief of all the marking I still have to. 

So it has been great ever since last Tuesday and I have been playing and surfing and doing all manner of things technical …. until yesterday. Jake and I did notice  a certain flakiness about the wireless connection but just unplugged the modem a couple of times and all was well. Today all is getting a little less well as it keeps disconnecting randomly – rang IT help and all is fine with hardware – he suggests that we are getting interference from a neighbour’s connection which makes sense as another network shows up on my list – think it belongs to next door. He advised trying to change channel to avoid them which I have done 3 times so far – fingers crossed for this one. Trouble is you can only change by going to a website so you have to be connected to do it! Ho hum. 

However what I was going to share with you this post was something completely different which is actually quite appropriate for the topic of technology and other little things life throws at us. I was looking at the lovely Mary Kathryn’s website  the other day and she had a link to a site which lets you make your own version of the Keep Calm and Carry On posters from World War 2. I love these – we have them up at work as it is a very appropriate sentiment for anyone involved in education and I use the logo with my students. 

This site allows you to make your own so here are a couple of mine – the first one is so appropriate for my internet woes – though is a little early in the day for imbibing. 

Keep calm - redwine
I think I might get a t-shirt printed with this on!

Have also been having a few problems with my latest knitting WIP due to vagaries of variegated yarn on a short repeat – have done one wristwarmer and have tried to make a second matching one, so far am on third attempt with different parts of different balls. So this is a good poster for the knitting at the moment. 

Keep Knitting logo mine
A very worthy sentiment - I'm sure you will agree!

 Here is Mary Kathryn’s which I love – 

Keep calm logo - Mary Kathryn
or 'take-away' for our UK readers

 If you want to make your own version the web site is called Keep Calm O Matic.  

 I am currently just at the end of my latest stitching WIP – which was started ages ago but needs to be finished asap as it is a birthday gift for a stitching friend and I only just realised that it is her birthday next week! Hopefully it will be finished tonight as I have a lovely evening in front of the TV planned (Syfy channel has been showing lots of disaster movies and remakes recently which has been good for stitching as you don’t have to concentrate!) I am planning a different finish inspired by something I saw on a stitching website – a pin keep with a scissor pocket on the back so will post pics of that later in the week – assuming the internet is still ok! Keeping fingers crossed. 

Thanks for visiting.