Lovely weekend and Morrocan textiles

Hello there 

I hope that you have been enjoying yourselves this weekend. I have had a really lovely time with lots of socialising. This is quite unusual as I do tend to hole up a bit over Winter and not do much except sit and knit or stitch with all my candles lit but I have been very busy. 

It started on Friday night with a visit to my friend Cheryl’s house for a Jamie at home party  (bit like a Tupperware party but for Jamie Oliver’s cooking stuff!). We had a  very lovely time – Cheryl has recently moved to a gorgeous house built in 1907 with so many beautiful original features showcasing the best of the Arts and Crafts movement including some wonderful stained glass and plaster work. Pity I didn’t have my camera! 

Cheryl is a friend from work and there were quite a few other work colleagues there with their partners so it was lovely to be able to socialise – we are so busy at work we don’t get a chance to do that much. 

I also bought some very nice things – a set of terracotta tapas bowls, some storage jars and something I have been wanting for a long time – a mortar and pestle for grinding herbs and spices to add to my stock of lovely kitchen items so I am eagerly waiting for them all to arrive. 

Saturday should have been a whole day in the garden but torrential rain stopped play – I did manage a trip to the garden centre to stock up on compost and bought some pretty Primulas and new herbs as all my old ones died out during the snow. 

I used the thyme and rosemary today as we had friends round for a late lunch – I experimented with a new salad of  butternut squash, puy lentils and pickled lemon that I got from my Sainsbury’s magazine which was very nice. Am trying to do at least one new recipe a week – Jake did not try the salad but the others liked it! 

I realised that I did not post any pics of the textiles from our recent visit to Marrakesh (how remiss!) so here goes – these pics were taken in a museum behind glass so apologies for the quality. The first one used what appeared to be cross stitch on linen. 

Marrakesh Embroidery 1
Three different pieces based on tile motifs
Marrakesh Embroidery 2
Bright flower motifs on a patterned ground

This one was embroidered in silk over a patterned background but the pattern was not used for the motifs which I thought was interesting. 

Marrakesh Embroidery 3
Very fine cross stitch in mono colour on linen

This last picture looks very much like a lot of Middle Eastern and Eastern European embroidery that I have seen over the years. The standard of work was very good with exceptionally fine stitching. 

Just up from where we stayed in the lovely Riad was an Aladdin’s Cave of  textiles, ceramics etc in a government-run Artisan’s warehouse – could have quite cheerfully bought the entire store but limited myself to  a beaded mat from this wonderful selection …. 

Marrakesh Shopping 3
So many pretty things.. so little time

….. a wonderful patchwork hanging for Ellie with lots of goldwork and sequins from this selection… 

Marrakesh Shopping 1
Patchwork - Marrakesh style

We also went to the souks (several times and got lost several times as you do and got out again in the end!). We found a fabulous lamp shop where I bought another lantern for the lounge – just look at all this stuff! 

Marrakesh Shopping 6
Pretty, pretty things!
Marrakesh Shopping 5
How much hand luggage are we allowed? Maybe I can just squeeze this one in!

So one lamp, several beaded items, one hanging, two tagines, one kaftan, one set of kebab skewers, lots of candles later …… really Marrakesh is shopper’s paradise – if you go take at least one empty case with you – we had three empty hand luggage cases but it was a tight squeeze on the way back! 

I hope you have had a very nice weekend as well.Things are going to be a little quieter here thankfully for the next couple of weeks as we have finished teaching for Easter – I have a huge pile of marking to do but am looking forward to a holiday in a week or so when we are off to Spain. 

Thanks for visiting.

One thought on “Lovely weekend and Morrocan textiles

  1. All those wonderful textiles and the lanterns……. to die for, how many did you manage to stash into your suitcase without going over the weight limit?
    I’m seeing Judy tomorrow, we are going over to Glossop for a basic crotchet day school with Pauline Fitzpatric. She does some truly fantastic work with her free form crocheting plus she makes felt jewellery to die for. I’m sure we will be seeing her again to do another class with her and if you would like to come along with Judy and I for a fun day out with textiles you are more than welcome… cost £25 for the day, not bad eh? Will keep you posted. Have a look at Pauline’s work on Flickr she is crochetblue, or you will find her through looking at the freeform crotchet, felt beading and exquisite felt handbags – clever lady, very friendly and warm hearted and like me, keen to know and swap more ideas. Barbara x

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