Cute things – teddies and teapots!

I am celebrating finally finishing off the little teddy and her wardrobe. It has been a long WIP as I started before Xmas but have done lots of other stitching and knitting in between. But now it is all done ready to be posted for the birthday next week. 

I have not given the bear a name as I thought I would let her new owner do that but here she is in her purple dress … 

teddy 1
Teddy with some nice spring flowers

 She has two other outfits complete with knickers and headbands …. 

teddy 5
'What shall I wear tomorrow ?' says Teddy

… and a little bag …. 

teddy 4
A moss and garter stitch knitted bag with chain stitch embroidered outline

…… which turns into a comfy bed. 

teddy 3
Night night now

I have really enjoyed knitting this, especially the little dresses – it seems, as with my stitching, that I like doing small projects best. I have even had a quick peak at the Jean Greenhowe  site recently and admired all her characters. I shall aspire to become one of those little old ladies who knits endlessly for church fetes! 

I have just completed a knitted present , pics of which will have to be posted later and have tonight cast on for a new hat for me to go with my pink Spring coat in a lovely variegated pink and purple yarn. 

Have also just had a very nice order from my Avon lady delivered – which included this very cute ‘tea for one’ teapot and cup. 

tea pot
Just right for sitting down with a bit of knitting!

The tea cup has a very nice rose design inside. 

tea cup
Milk and half a sugar thanks !

I have also got the matching cake stand but will have to fill that with something yummy before I can photograph it – Jake has finished all the last batch of baking! 

Will not be posting for a little while as we are off to sunny Spain next week (hurrah). Ellie is home at the weekend and it is her birthday on Tuesday – she will be 19 this year, the last of her teen years already! We will be meeting up with my cousins in Spain with their new baby Anna-Mae so have been indulging myself with some shopping for cute baby clothes to take for her. Will take lots of pics! 

Am also going to be going to a couple of religious festivals while I am there (sorry kids!) to see the icons being brought out of the churches – am very much looking forward to that. On the bright side kids we can go for pizza afterwards! 

Hope you all have a lovely Easter with lots of family time and chocolate! 

Thanks for visiting.