Happy Mothers’ Day


Mothers Day
My lovely hanging - it is so cute ....

This is hoping that you all had a very lovely day today. I would like to think that you all got some me time – possibly involving textile related crafts and even breakfast in bed , nice lunch or nice tea. 

I had my Mothers’ Day pressies last week when we saw Ellie in Worcester – the gorgeous little hanging above was one of them and I was really pleased with it – I had admired lots of things from the designer Gisela Graham  in a little gift shop we found in Worcester and the kids sneakily bought it for me. I also got two more boxed sets of Little House on the Prairie which I am saving till work gets less hectic and I can have some lovely me time!  

I am constantly amazed by what the Mums in blogland do as well as look after their families. Obviously not all of the blogs I read belong to people who have kids and their work is just as fabulous but what really impresses me as a Mum is all those people (some with very young children) who manage to produce lots (and I mean lots!) of beautiful stitched and knitted goodies – often not only for their home and family but for sale as well. You are a wonderful inspiration to us all! 

What I particularly like about reading blogs is the number of women who have chosen not to continue previous careers but who have started up businesses – I think this just shows how valuable the internet can be (sites like Etsy and Folksy) in promoting these ventures and I really admire those people who have taken that step. 

A couple of years ago I was hoping to join them going part -time at work and setting up my own business but sadly a change in circumstances meant that I have had to put that on hold. Maybe one day I will but I gain an awful lot of inspiration and useful knowledge by reading about people’s experiences of doing this though their blogs. 

Becoming a Mum was the best thing I ever did and I am thankful every day (not just on Mothers’ Day) that I not only have  a brilliant Mum myself who has always been there for me and has always been such a good role model but that I have two wonderful kids. They have had a tough couple of years for lots of reasons but remain focussed, successful, optimistic and great fun to be with. Jake has just had his interview for sixth form college and has been offered a place on his chosen Graphics, Media and Games Design couse so I am very proud of him.

One of the things I never realised all those years ago when I had little babies was that they would be such great friends and we would really enjoy each others’ company so much. They are fab – thank you Ellie and Jake for being so helpful, thoughtful and generally lovely.

I have had a really nice day, a lie in followed by my favourite Sunday activity of a long bath involving reading a good book (have just finished Martyr by Rory Clements which was a very good read) and then 4 hours gardening (helped by Jake) which made a serious dent in the sadly neglected, snow damaged back garden. Lots has died off so we spent two hours just clearing out and replacing pots with new plants. It is all looking a lot better now. 

I have also managed a bit of knitting , have finished the last of the teddy dresses and knickers and am now on the headbands. Should all be finished and ready to post by the end of the week! 

Thanks for visiting.

3 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. I can rememember my mum saying she viewed me more of a friend than a daughter (in the nicest possible way) and I can see that happening now with my boys. As they are getting older, they are becoming more than sons, they’re friends too. Don’t think anyone can prepare you for that. Glad you enjoyed your day, and maybe one day, you will be able to follow your dream

  2. Glad you had a good mothers day! missed you earlier at our usual haunt. Next week we are going to meet at either mine or at Sarah’s for lunch and wondered if you fancied it. email me and I will give you the details.

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