Old textiles in Worcester and teddy bear clothes!

Hello there 

We have had a very nice weekend away visiting Ellen in Worcester. As you may recall she is doing a degree in Heritage, History and Archeology so she has been getting to know all the historic sites in the area and took us on a little tour on Saturday. She has signed up to be a volunteer at a National Trust property in the centre of Worcester, The Greyfriars,  a Tudor house so we went there first. 

Greyfriars 2
The central part of the house
Greyfriars 1
My sister Jacky with Jake and Ellie in the garden

As well as being a beautiful property dating from 1480  it was full of embroidery as the last owner (whose name I forgot to write down and Ellie has the guide book!) was an avid embroiderer and collector and there was a wealth of stitched work – particularly crewel work. It was difficult to take pics as the light was not good but it is well worth a visit if you are in the area. 

These are just a few of the treasures. 

Greyfrairs 3
Crewel work pelmets - there were also matching wall hangings
Greyfriars 5
Detail from a crewel work picture stitched by the house owner
Greyfriars 4
A sampler labelled Hannah Smith 1851 - the colours were really bright given its age
Greyfriars 7
An over mantel flower piece designed especially for the main hall
Greyfriars 6
The main hall still as it was left in 1985 when the last occupant died

We then went up the road to the Tudor House Museum which had displays of local life throughout the ages where I found these lovely old knitting patterns … 

Knitting pattern 2
Lovely 1950s garments!
Knitting pattern 1
and some for baby as well .....

There was also a display of replica wartime postcards for sale – sadly they had run out of stock of this one so pics will have to suffice. 

Knitting postcard
Knitting for the RAF - what fun!

I have also been busy here at home (and on the train) with the last of the knitting for the teddy gift set. I have enjoyed the dresses so much am now on the third one. Just have the matching hairbands to knit and all the ribbons and bows to attach. Ellie is most impressed and wants one of her own complete with wardrobe. 

Teddy dress 2
Two completed dress and knicker sets plus a WIP in pink

I am particularly pleased with the lacy pattern on the purple dress – this pattern comes from Val Pierce’s 20 To make – Knitted Tiny Bears  book which I recently bought from Amazon. 

Teddy dress 1
Look I can now knit lacy things as well as scarves!

Am expecting to be very busy in the next few days but hoping to have it all completed by the end of the weekend – this will be my Mother’s Day sit and knit project! 

Hope you all have a good week – thanks for visiting.