A few lovely pictures

Hello there

Hope that you are all enjoying the lovely weather we have been having.

I am hoping that it will last as I am off tomorrow for another event – this time at Sherwood Forest  near Nottingham, home of the famed Robin Hood.

The forecast for the weekend is great which is very unusual for a British Bank Holiday so we shall see.

Normally we don’t have many pictures of us at events as we are in kit so my pics are limited to early morning or evening ones.

Luke, one of the members of the group, has been putting together a new website for Swords of Mercia so we have had some official photographers at the last two events and they have very kindly let me share their photos with you.

Thanks to Wendy and Kev for these excellent pictures firstly taken at Bolsover (the top one showing our St George’s Day costumes) and the rest from Rufford last weekend. Second pic is of lovely daughter Ellie and I am in my peasant outfit second from right in the third pic.

St George's Day event Bolsover

Ellie at Rufford

SoM at Rufford 1

SoM Knights at Rufford

Don’t the boys look amazing in their kit?

From left to right Sir William of Ashby, King Edward the 2nd, Sir Roger Mortimer and Sir John Neville aka Luke, Clive, Shane and Mark during the week!

We often get pictures taken by the public,  the ‘princesses’ , Ellie and Kerry more than me and at Rufford Ellie was asked to pose by a photographer who then Photoshopped this lovely trinity of pictures.

Ellie Rufford Trinity

His name is Stuart Daffin so thanks very much Stuart for your lovely work and letting me share it!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for visiting.

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