Good friends

Hello everyone

I have just got back from a lovely weekend at our first multi – bash event of the season at Rufford Abbey multi period event which meant catching up with some old friends and making some new ones.

The Saturday evening entertainment was a disco in the undercroft (cellars) of the Abbey which meant dancing with lots of re-enactors from Romans to 1940s, it was one of those slightly surreal moments that can only happen in re-enactment.

It has been very cold – we had the most spectacular hail storms on Saturday morning and the nights were really cold.

Ellie had ice on the inside of her tent last night. This bad weather may have contributed to the fact that I have had a very sore throat and lost my voice so huge thanks to my lovely friend Kerry for driving me all the way home tonight rather than me catching the train.

It was a really great display and I have taken some pictures of the Abbey and the encampments below.

Rufford Abbey 1

Rufford Abbey 2

Rufford Abbey 3

I love looking at other group’s displays and this one from Comitatus who cover the late Roman period was amazing – look at those helmets and that dragon flag!

Comitatus 1

Comitatus 2

The boys from my group, Swords of Mercia, have been busy buying and making new things and these are Luke’s new gauntlets – he added the studs himself.

Luke's gauntlets

While wandering round on Saturday evening taking pictures we met a very lovely lady called Maxine from the Bowden Retinue.

I had stopped by her tent to take a photo of her tablecloth and when she came out she was kind enough to tell me where she got the lace from (it dates from the 1620s) and how she had made the tablecloth and also showed me some more of her embroidery.

Rufford tablecloth 1



I do love chance meetings with people that share my interests!

I also bought some lovely relishes, chilli peanut butter and cheese from my friend Suzi’s stall, she and her husband make the most marvelous things and do mail order – go and look on their website Cowleys Fine Foods.

Suzie's stall

I am looking forward to next weekend when in will be away at an event in Sherwood Forest, there may be some outlaws lurking in the woods so we will have to be careful!

Thank you very much for visiting.

3 thoughts on “Good friends

  1. A good friend just introduced me to your blog and I’m so glad. 🙂 We both love medieval things and are part of a medieval group here in Australia. Our medieval season is just starting, and seeing your pictures today got me so excited. 🙂

    • Hello Krista
      Welcome and thanks for your comment. Glad that you like the blog, I am so happy that the season has started again as well and that the weather has improved this week. Looking forward to another great event this coming weekend in Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood!

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