Merry Men

Hello everyone

Hope you are enjoying good weather because we have had a fantastic weekend at Sherwood, didn’t see Robin Hood but Little John was there and there were lots of merry men (and women) there.

The beer tent, the campfire (thanks Kat and Paul) and the excellent weather helped with this as did the brilliant organisation by Plantagenet Events – thanks for everything guys, a very enjoyable event.

As well as the fighting and weapons talks we got a chance to have a couple of walks in the woods, saw the Major Oak (bottom picture ) which is over a thousand years old and lots of other interesting trees.

Sherwood trees

Sherwood dying tree 1

Sherwood dying tree 2

Sherwood Major Oak

I also got a chance talk to some people about my embroidery and made a new friend, Seren, who I helped with making a new hat.

This was her first attempt at garment making and she did a brilliant job making this lined coif out of wool and linen which is all hand stitched. She also made a lined bag.

Sherwood Seren's hat

Sherwood Seren's hat 2

Sadly there are no more events for the next two weekends (how will I survive all that time in a house!) but I have plenty to be doing with making garments.

I am going to be working on a cloak for Luke this week and some helm decorations for other friends.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

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