The level of detail

We have just got back from another lovely weekend away at Harewood House. The weather was fantastic (I am a bit pink!) so we had a great time.

Wandering round in the early morning taking pictures of the living history camps I was impressed, once again, by the level of detail that people will go to to make their displays look special and personal.

Here is a tent from the Rosa Mundi group, look at the beautiful painting on the table legs and chest.

Harewood Rosamundi table

Harewood Rosamundi table 2

Harewood Rosamundi tent detail

And here the cooking area of the Buckingham Retinue – the meat is being prepared in the picture below.

Harewood Buckingham

Harewood Buckingham meat

And here is a beautifully painted and decorated tent and armour display from Knights in Battle, complete with reproduction pottery.

Harewood tent  KIB

Harewood tent inner KIB

Harewood armour  KIB

But first prize must go to this group from Italy who brought a replica miniature monastery complete with herb garden!

Harewood church

Harewood church 2

Harewood church 3

There were also some crafts being demonstrated.

Basketweaving and loom weaving.

Harewood basket weaving

Harewood loom weaving

And this person spent the whole weekend making bricks!

Harewood brick making

We were also lucky enough to find some new shoes for Ellen, we have been searching for a while but medieval shoes are expensive and in limited supply of sizes so we were very lucky to get these in her size for only £45.

Harewood Ellie's new shoes

I know a lot of people come to this blog for information about costume and my lovely friend Jackie was there this weekend trading, her company is called Cloak’d and Dagger’d and she makes all sorts of medieval clothes so do visit her web site.

Harewood Jackie

Harewood Jackie 2

Well I hope you have had a good Bank Holiday weekend, see you soon and thanks for visiting.