Busy day

Have had a very nice day today – have been trying to finish off the final bits of the build – 5 months on and it is still not done due to various things but we are getting there.

Today have been painting and varnishing and fitting a shelf and mirror in Jake’s shower room , that is nearly finished – just the little bedroom to go and that is currently a decorating store! I will get it all done but do get frustrated that it has taken so long but with the events of the summer (and subsequent no money!) it has taken longer than expected.

I have also been working on my Xmas ornaments – I have not had time to do them for fundraising this year so have just done them for friends and family. Have been stitching little bits of these all year, not got as many done as I had hoped due again to various interruptions like work, the loft conversion and life getting in the way but below is a pic of my first three finished ones.


 Apologies as the pic is a bit fuzzy – am working off old camera as newer one has gone back to the menders after getting wet in Nepal! These are mainly from Quaker samplers – little motifs that I have stitched on sparkly Aida – mostly at 28 count which does wonders for my eyes! I then back them with nice Xmas fabric and stitch round inserting a ribbon – stuff and hem.

I also have a couple of pics from our last medieval event of the year – the weekend before last we were at Bolsover Castle for a Michaelmas event – indoors at the castle rather than the usual camping and tournament show we do. It was very, very cold even indoors but we had quite a few people come to see us and  made decorations and cards with the children and did a small fight display and weapons, heraldry and armour talks. We also had a wonderful banquet and thanks to Bev for cooking the food – pies to die for!

The pics below show the ladies – Lady Bardolph, Lady De Lacy and my lovely daughter Lady Rose and then Rose and Arthur ( or in real life my son Jacob) in one of the castle rooms.

The ladies at Bolsover
The ladies at Bolsover
Rose and Arthur
Rose and Arthur

We have a busy week ahead getting ready for Xmas – we are having a party on Sat and thankfully I am having a new cooker delivered on Thurs – old one blew up again (third time this year!) so decided enough was enough so from Thurs I will have an oven again.

So I will be decorating the house Thurs and Fri – interrupted by the need to go in to work for a very important meeting about Ofsted – they are visiting us early next year which those of you in the know will realise spells minor panic.

Will take some pics at the party and post them later. Have a good week.

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