Old friends

A couple of weeks ago I had a reunion in Yorkshire with some old friends – we all were at college here (we met 25 years ago) and have met up at intervals ever since but the last time was about 6 years ago so it was wonderful to see them all.

We had a great time revisiting old haunts on the University campus, doing a tour of the new pubs in town and having a curry and were very pleased to see that we can still hack it – we started at 2pm and were still going at 1am which is not bad for a group of forty somethings!

Here is a pic of the guys – most of whom are called Dave bizzarely enough – and girls in one of the local hostelries.

25 years on the Class of 83 - not looking bad!
25 years on the Class of 83 - not looking bad!

So a lovely few weekends – we are having a party here next week – my usual pre – Xmas event  – an excellent time is being had!!

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