So this is Christmas ……

And of course the song goes – ‘so what have you done , another year over and a new one just begun’. I know it is not Christmas yet but here we have been celebrating early as we are off to Spain next weekend (hurrah) for some r and r in the warm. So this weekend we had our now traditional pre Xmas party and celebrated early with Xmas dinner and some of the pressies.

My brother Ben came to us today for pressies and dinner – sadly his partner Amanda had to work. They got the kids some fab Xmas pressies from them so big thanks. The first was a fajita cooker that you use on the table top – it’s a small griddle with pan included. Jake’s favourite food in the whole world is fajitas so he was thrilled.

They also bought them a raclette which is another table top grill which comes with little pans – you cut up meat, fish and veg,  top with cheeses and grill your own food at the table – a very sociable way of eating. They have had one for years and the kids love it so so they are very pleased to have their own. We are going to try it out tomorrow then use it for New Year when my sister and her kids are here.

Below are some pics from the party and our xmas dinner.

Me and wonderful daughter Ellie
Me and wonderful daughter Ellie


Some of the girls from the medieval group all looking very glam at the aprty
Some of the girls from the medieval group all looking very glam at the party
Jake wearing all the craket hats!!
Jake wearing all the cracker hats!!

So another year over and what have we done – well loads and loads as usual, holidays, work, the build, Nepal the new life stuff – been a very, very busy year. I have also had this blog for just over a year – forgot to check when the date was but sometime last Nov I think.

Am really looking forward to next year which is nice to be able to say as there have been some bits of this year that have been very stressful!! But that is all over now – still got a bit of decorating to finish but that will get done. Have been having such a good time just recently and am looking forward to lots more of the same wonderful stuff.

So I hope that you all have a lovely festive season wherever you are! My best wishes to you and yours.

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