Best laid plans …..

This weekend was supposed to be the great garden fettling weekend (fettling is a Yorkshire term meaning mend/sort out etc.). That was before the builder phoned up to say he was putting up the scaffolding for our loft extension on Friday and it rained heavily all day Saturday.

So there was no painting of decking (as it was covered in lots of bits of stone dust and pointing (wet dust at that)) and no mowing of lawns or cutting of hedges. However we did manage to sort out the ongoing computer problems (by buying Ellie a new laptop as monitor is officially dead and would have cost 1/3 of price of laptop to replace it!). Ellie is very happy as the Sims game now works lots faster than on old crumbly computer and I am a bit poorer.

Have also cleared out Jake’s room in preparation for the build which starts properly tomorrow. This has been planned for a long time (well since we moved in 2 and a 1/2 years ago) but I am not really looking forward to it as anyone I mention it to just says ‘oh my God the dust!’ and not that I am obsessive (well not that bad!) but am not looking forward to the next month of upheaval. However it will all be over soon and my dear mother has promised me lots of R and R in her new hot tub when I finally get to Spain later in the year to make up for it. 

Have done virtually no embroidery this week as have been at work late three evenings and this coming week looks to be the same. We have new modules starting and I have loads of marking so it will be a very busy next two months. However come July 14th I finish my full time teaching so that is something to look forward to and come Sept I can start working on my portfolio for my City and Guilds embroidery course that I plan to start after Xmas.

All I have done is play on the Sims for a bit of light relief (extending their houses is so easy you just click and drag – no dust at all!) which my lovely daughter bought me the last three stuff packs for that I did not have as presents this week (thanks sweetie!) and generally maintain domestic harmony (well try to!)

Here are a couple of pics of the scaffolding showing the back of the house and the view from the back door – the roof starts coming off in the morning!

Scaffolding on back of house

Scaffold - view from back door

So if you do see me over the next month – pat me gently on the hand, offer me wine (or chocolate depending on time of day!) and don’t mention dust!

One thought on “Best laid plans …..

  1. Hi Alison,

    Just looking at my blog and saw that you commented ages ago. So, I thought I would look at yours and post a comment.

    Its ten past three so I can give you a glass (or bottle) of red wine along with a big bar of chocolate.

    Keep up the blog and hope to catch up with you all soon.


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