The loft conversion!

We are now about half way through the build and so far so good. Despite everyone telling me horror stories about the amount of horrible black dust there has been little mess really apart from the bit where they took the  ceiling down which was only to be expected. However the builders have been fab and they sealed all of the rooms so there was very little mess anywhere but the hall, landing and stairs which I have spent most of the last three days mopping! However it is all looking very good – have not been up in the roof space yet but it looks like it is going to be a lovely big room for Jake and we will have an additional bathroom – (yay three toilets to clean!). The stairs are going in this week and then I will be able to go up and and see it and work out how much room we have for furniture etc. Jake has chosen his colour scheme and we have bought various bits this week like the bed and chosen tiles, flooring etc so it is all coming together. I was absolutely dreading the whole experience as I hate mess and am really obsessive about cleaning but it really has been remarkably stress free so far thanks to the lovely builders. I am so glad as things are still really busy at work and I would not have had the time for major clean ups.

Below is a little slide show to show you the build so far. 

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