Tis the season to be jolly !

No I have not lost the plot (not quite anyway) as I do know it is not Xmas but for me this is the season to be jolly rather than Winter. Winter is just wet and cold and endless but this is Spring and it has been hot in Yorkshire for more than one day!

It has been sunny and we nearly had a barbecue last night (ok so it rained just as I was going to light it so we had an grill a cue instead but we were nearly there!). It has been lovely weather all week, the garden looks fab as I have had chance to work on it and  I am a very happy bunny. I feel so much better when I can be outdoors and get some sun – albeit I did have a lot of work and marking to do this week but I still got chance to potter. I am very proud of my garden as I designed it from scratch – when we moved into this house 2  1/2 years ago there was just a long boring stretch of grass as you can see from pic below.

the original garden

We then had our very own Ground Force weekend in the rain with me starring as a very wet Charlie Dimmock and managed to get it to this stage.

Alison makes the pond

Do we need more water or shall I just let the rain fill it?

The garden 2006

The finished – if a little bare garden.

In true Ground Force style it has come on a treat now everything has bloomed (and I have added lots of bits to it) and now looks fab. I am very pleased with it as it has taken lots of work to get it to this stage but it looks wonderful now. I am at the age when I like nothing better than pottering of a summer evening talking to my plants and am looking forward to some lovely evenings again this summer when we entertain friends.

 Garden 1

Garden 2

Garden 3

Have also tonight updated the Project Nepal page with a little slideshow of the building from last weekend so do visit that for an update. Have also changed the header image on the site – this is the Laton Jacket from the VA Musuem in London that the Embroiderer’s Story project are re-creating – go and visit their site for an update.

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