More Spain pics

As promised here are some more of our pics from our recent holiday to Spain. We did  a lot of travelling around as usual and had three long bike rides as the weather was so good as you can see from all the sun in these pics. We visited the spa baths at Archenna and they have built a new pool with wonderful Jacuzzis, bubble jets, whirlpools etc which is fab. Also went looking at boats in the local marina and priced some in the boat dealers in Alicante.

It does cheer me up looking at these pics as we have had such bad weather here just lately – lost a couple of roof tiles this weekend which is a pain. My mother e-mailed Ellen to tell her that they were having unseasonably warm weather there at the moment and told her not to tell me! I really don’t want to turn into someone who is obsessed by the weather but it is depressing when all it does is rain. Having said that it has been nice this weekend and there are spring bulbs coming up in the garden so the end is in sight. Enjoy the pics!

Our house

Our little Spanish house with cacti

Flower in garden

Bougainvillea in our garden


 Alison cycling

Palms at Archenna

Palm trees at the spa in Archenna


Calpe taken from the rock