Snow – but luckily winter woollies as well !

Snow 2

Snow 1

This post is especially for my mother who is having unseasonably hot weather in Spain! We woke up yesterday morning to find that the world had gone white – luckily it did all clear by late afternoon. Snow looks lovely and as you can see my garden is very neat and weed free in these pics (hah hah!) but since this is our only weekend at home this month we had loads of boring shopping etc. to do and where we are heavy snowfalls tend to cause traffic chaos very quickly.

My knitting is coming on well so the recipients of these finishes will at least be warm. The first scarf is a present for my sister in law whose birthday is on Monday and is from the lovely Aunt Purl’s book – this is a pattern she calls magic scarf which uses a checkerboard made from alternate knit and purl sections.

Scarf close up

The second is a scarf made from feather yarn – I am in the process of a beret to match this and these are for Ellen to sell to friends for her Kosovo fundraising. She is making cards as well to sell for this as is Granny (thanks for the parcel Mum!) and has already started selling hers and Grannie’s creations at college. She is a very creative person and loves stitching, card craft and beading and is a wonderful artist though she doesn’t always think so.