Visit to London

Last weekend we went to London to visit various museums and sights that we did not do on our last trip about 4 years ago. The main reason for going this time was to visit the Tutankhamen exhibition at the O2 in Greenwich which was very good. There were not a huge number of exhibits but those that were there were very detailed such as jewellery, crowns, chairs and chests. It is amazing to think that they are all so old and still exist in such good condition.

We also visited the Tower of London, the Imperial War Museum and had a trip on the London eye – scary considering Jake does not really like heights but good fun! We were due to visit Camden Lock Market on the Sunday as a treat for Ellie but unfortunately it caught fire on Sat night so we went to Covent Garden instead.

We saw the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London which were very impressive (lots of goldwork as well though sadly pics were not allowed) and the ravens who are very big!

First some pics of the family at well known tourist spots –

Kids on London Eye

This is in the London Eye capsule as it got to the very top – it moves very slowly so it is not too scary until you look down and realise you are very high up – we were lucky to have a very clear day so we could see lots but it was very hot in the capsule.

Ellie at the Baftas

As we got to Covent Garden they were setting up the red carpets and barriers for the Baftas on Sunday night. We could not to stay to see any of the stars arrive but here is Ellie doing her best starlet impression!

Next some pictures of things that I liked the look of –

Cakes 1
Cakes 2

We went to Selfridges to the Food Hall and they had these very fab cakes especially for Valentines Day and some extremely expensive (£3.50) Valentine’s Day water (give me chocolate please – who wants water!)


These two pics were taken in a very cute gift shop in Covent Garden – just look at those little car glasses – I wonder if they are motorised then your wine would never be out of reach!

Gift shop 1
Gift shop 2

This is one of those Sushi places where the little dishes revolve around the counter – have never been in one as no-one in the family will eat raw fish but one day I will just for the experience – I think they are such a wacky idea. I could do with this at home – maybe I could get an adaptation on the fridge and endless dishes will just stream out ready to eat then I would not have to cook!


I also took lots of pics of the lovely architecture – old and new – so have created a little slideshow for you of pics from the Tower, Canary Wharf and the London Eye – sadly no nice doors though!