Pincushion Heaven

You may know how much I like pincushions, I love making them, (here is a link to a post with some that I have made), I love using them and love looking for inspiration for them on Pinterest.

Well one of my favourite bloggers – Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts  has just released her first line of fabric called Good Neighbours and to celebrate she is having a pincushion party!

What a brilliant idea – I have been visiting the first few on the party circuit and they are all very lovely.

Here is the list  from Amanda’s blog if you would like to go and have a look, lots of lovely ideas and they make fab Christmas presents for stitching and knitting friends.

Date Blogger Name Blog URL
9/1/2015 Amanda Jean
9/2/2015 Anna
9/3/2015 Mary
9/4/2015 Svetlana
9/5/2015 Debbie
9/6/2015 Holly
9/7/2015 Carla
9/8/2015 Faith
9/9/2015 Vanessa
9/10/2015 Anna
9/11/2015 Krista
9/12/2015 Erin
9/13/2015 Lee
9/14/2015 Alex
9/15/2015 Cheryl
9/16/2015 Penny
9/17/2015 Amy
9/18/2015 Debbie
9/19/2015 Anne
9/20/2015 Melissa Corry
9/21/2015 Amber
9/22/2015 Nettie
9/23/2015 Adrianne
9/24/2015 Cindy
9/25/2015 Amy
9/26/2015 Chase
9/27/2015 Rene
9/28/2015 Erin
9/29/2015 Nicole
9/30/2015 Teri

Here are a couple on my wish list to make – look at this pretty daisy one with a tutorial here – this is a Russian site but the pictures explain it well.

Daisy pincushion

This one just has to be one of the cutest ones on the planet! The tutorial is here.


Have just finished one of the knitting needle cases for Sarah’s stall, pleased with the design and with the cute stitching I have used from my lovely new machine! Updates of all of that later, I have so much lovely stuff to blog about, been a very good week!

At least I will have lots to share with you when term starts in a couple of weeks and things get very hectic and no crafting gets done 😦

Take care and thanks for visiting.

I am very, ‘Made Up’

Hello everyone

Today is the final day of Karen’s Made Up fund raising challenge, there is still time to donate if you haven’t done through the Just Giving page. The initiative has raised over £2500 – way more than the initial £1000 hoped for so that is brilliant, well done Karen!

I am also very excited to tell you that I won a giveaway on her blog for a limited edition Made Up tote bag which arrived this weekend 🙂

Made Up tote bag

Thank you Karen, it is lovely and I always need lots of sewing bags to carry things to and from groups.

I have finished the ornament that I said I would make, the design is adapted from Jenny of Elefantz August Stitchery Club design, I just used the central bird motif, added beads and star sequins and the word Noel.

Elfantz Xmas bird ornament 1

Elfantz Xmas bird ornament 2

I put it together with two layers of thin wadding, on the rear just quilted across the ornament and on the front hand quilted. I added some little hanging corners using Jenny’s tutorial and a bamboo skewer to keep it in shape.

The white fabric I stitched on also has little leaves on it. The holly fabric is some of the new stash from the Festival of Quilts. I have lots of different holly fabrics and love them!

Elefantz Xmas ornament for Made Up - detail 3

I do love the little holly buttons, I have been using these for a few years in my ornaments, you can get them from several sources including here on Ebay.

I have got the ornament hanging on my door at the moment and am seriously tempted to leave it there it looks so cute, it’s not too early to decorate for Christmas is it 😉

I am very pleased to have finished the pledge on time as lots of other finishes going on here, (and starts as I cut out the wedding jacket today eek!), am having a busy time finishing the things for Sarah for Yarndale as well.

Am also having serious technical difficulties as my mouse has stopped working, (I struggle with just the pad on the laptop), and I still can’t find my camera, which would not be so much of an issue if all the pictures on my phone did not keep turning themselves upside down!!

Am looking forward to getting everything done and then I am going to do lots and lots of other embroidery designs from my Jenny folder!

Take care and thanks for visiting.