Gone missing!

Hello and happy weekend!

I know we have one every week but still get stupidly excited about the prospect of the weekend, a whole two days just to do nice stuff.

I love getting up early on the weekends and just pottering around with the prospect of some knitting, stitching, a walk or some baking ahead of me!

I am planning some experimental baking this weekend as I am trying to be gluten free due to a few health problems so I have downloaded some nice looking recipes and will see what the results taste like.

I have some sad stitching news to report as for the first time ever one of my exchange pieces has gone astray 😦 I have been doing exchanges for about 6 years and this is the first time a parcel has not got there.

I kept waiting and hoping but it was sent in Oct and has not arrived in the US. Possibly it got mixed up with some seasonal post and may turn up but in the meantime I am going to stitch another piece for the recipient.

Autumn Exchange

This is what it looked like, I can’t find the actual pattern at the moment to tell you the name of it but it was part of a freebie from this gorgeous Italian cross stitcher’s site – she is called La Comtesse & le point decroix and she has really pretty designs on the site.

Hope you are all having a lovely winter weekend and thanks for visiting.

7 thoughts on “Gone missing!

  1. It’s upsetting when that happens, it’s the second I’ve heard of this week. Hopefully, the second one will get there quickly. Hope the new diet works, I have a friend who is gluten free and manages very well

  2. Wait rose in Leeds sell white spelt flour if you can’t find it elsewhere, but I get mine online from naturally good food- it’s considerably cheaper if you buy five bags, plus they sell a variety of spelt pastas ( which my partner prefers to the wheat ones) and they do free postage if you spend £75, which isn’t difficult cos they do great deals on baking essentials, I also get two kilo bags of ground almonds from them very cheaply

    • Thanks that is really useful -have tried some gluten free corn pasta which wasn’t brilliant. Luckily I eat very few processed foods and love rice, veg etc so gluten free should not be too much of a problem as I like experimenting with baking anyway 😉

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