You will forgive me I know …..

Hello everyone

I know I may have said a few things recently about how I wasn’t going to buy any more yarn or fabric as I already have enough and the craft room really needs sorting out as I have run out of storage so there are bags everywhere.

BUT when you see really lovely yarn and it is very cheap (2 Euros a ball which is about £1.70) and it would knit up wonderfully and there is a beautiful grey for more cute bunnies and some pretty colours for dresses as well then you just have to don’t you?

So I did and here is my lovely new stash!

New bunny wool

It is a very silky yarn – it is a double-knit but quite thin so the new bunnies are going to be smaller but it knits up really nicely, there is a slight sheen to it and it is very easy to work with.

I have finally tried a bunny with striped tights, this is one for my sister-in-law for her birthday and she likes funky colours so I thought I would go brighter with this one.The picture below shows the body and ears.

Sully slippers

Oh and I got some fab new slippers while in Spain – I love Sully from Monsters Inc and they had these in the Primark in Elche, sadly only in children’s sizes but I managed to squeeze into a size 5.

New Sully slippers

Am back in the swing of things again after what seems like a very long break from work 🙂 Can’t believe it is nearly the end of Jan already.

Was thinking back to this time last year when we had lots of snow – so far we have just had a bit of wet and windy but the spring bulbs are starting come up in my garden so hopefully we are on our way to warmer weather (leaving the house in the mornings in daylight would be nice!)

Hope you are enjoying yourselves whatever you are doing and thanks for visiting.