It is Spring – let the season begin!

Hello everyone, I do hope you are all enjoying fine weather, we are having a lovely time – the Spring flowers are blooming, the weather is sunny and finally the re- enactment season has begun.

I am a very, very happy bunny!!

This beautiful pic was taken outside Kerry’s house this morning, her neighbour has the loveliest display of flowers.

Spring flowers

Mine are doing very well, surprisingly they have survived the near constant snow since they were planted and I have some daffodils, crocuses and tulips coming out.

We had our first event this weekend, I was only able to join the group for today as I had to work yesterday but we had a really great time.

Yesterday was very hot – when I met up with Ellie and Kerry last night they were quite sunburned (in Derbyshire, in April – it’s a miracle!)

Today was a bit windier but very good and we had a really nice time doing our St George’s Day event.

Here is Kerry in her beautiful dress in the sunlight at the castle and later being scared by the fearsome Dragon Knight – aka Mark in a very impressive helm that the guys had made for the event.

Kerry at St George's Day

Kerry and Mark St George 1

I now have events for the next two weekends so I am really looking forward to lots of fun, catching up with old friends, sitting round the campfire and mellowing. If you want to join us we will be at Rufford Abbey next weekend.

Take care and thanks as always for visiting.