Doors I have known

I  love taking pictures of buildings , particularly of doors and there are many, many beautiful examples in Spain. The children think I am a little mad for this love of doors so I am always telling them that one day I will publish a book called’  ‘Doors I have known’,  which will be much appreciated by students of architecture and the finer things in life!

I have put some of the lovely things I found on my recent trip to Elche in Spain below. Elche is a very famous town, founded by the Romans and it has the largest amount of palm trees in one place in Spain. There is a wonderful old cathedral and castle and the Palmeral which are palm gardens. Well worth a visit.

The pics show some of the cathedral and other pretty buildings in the town.

Spain Oct 2011 Elche door 1

Spain Oct 2011 Elche door 2

Spain Oct 2011 House 1

Spain Oct 2011 Elche door 3

Spain Oct 2011 Elche window 1

Spain Oct 2011 Elche door 4

Spain Oct 2011 Elche flats

Hope you like them. Thanks for visiting.

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