Little Ole’ Wine Drinking Me!!!

As regular readers will know I like a glass or two of red wine and on my recent trip to Spain had a lovely day out with Mum which involved my favourite tipple.We went on a coach trip up into the mountains, we have been on quite a few trips with various companies over the last few years and they are an excellent way of seeing the country if like Mum and I you don’t drive, or like most people you doubt your ability to navigate your way up scary, winding mountain roads into unfamiliar villages!

The coach driver did an excellent job as there were lots of very tight turns and long drops and we had a lovely day. The first place we visited was a little village up in the mountains above Alicante called Polop where they have the most amazing village fountain which has about 100 water jets coming out of the walls in the square where people used to go to take the water. This pic shows just a few of these jets but they carry on all around the square.

Spain Oct 2011 Fountains

Then we went up and up passing beautiful olive and almond tree groves right to the top of the mountains where I took these pics –

Spain Oct Jallon  1

Spain Oct 2011 Jallon 2

Spain Oct 2011 Jallon 3

It was so beautiful – my pics do not really do it justice and it doesn’t look like the Spain you imagine at all – more like being in the Lake District or in Switzerland but you still have the wonderful blue sky and sea down below and it is so wonderful!

We then went back down the other side of the valley and stopped at a bodega for a little wine tasting (and buying!). Bodegas are where you can buy locally produced wine, all the wine sold here came from the valley and it operates as a co-operative supporting local vineyards. So not only could you taste and buy lovely (and very, very cheap wine) you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the local economy – how good can it get!

The smell when you entered the bodega was amazing! All that lovely wine and you could just sample any that you wanted – heaven!

Spain Oct 2011 Bodega 1

There were wine tasting tables with carafes of all the varieties.

Spain Oct 2011 Bodega 2

Then we went further down the valley for a lovely lunch then a stop off at one of the little coastal towns for a paddle and a coffee on the way home, it’s a tough life but someone has to do it and I will be that brave volunteer!

I have loads more Spain pics to show you but will post again with those from our visit to Elche as there was a very lovely market and some fab architecture which need their own post before this one gets too long!

Two of the things I adore about Spain are the sunsets and sunrises and the beach. I cycled down the beach a couple of times and took lots and lots of arty shots of my favourite bit where the walkway goes through the dunes and this is one of my favourite views. I just love the colours and the light – and this pic was taken on the 25th Oct!

Spain 2011 beach

I have posted one of my sunset pics in the last Scavenger Hunt but the following evening there was the most beautiful pink sky while I was sitting on my terrace.

Spain Oct 2011 sunset

And then there was this lovely sunrise one morning – apologies as the pic is a bit fuzzy but hopefully you can get an idea of how amazing the colours were.

Spain Oct 2011 sunrise

It really is food for the soul seeing all that amazing natural beauty and it makes me very happy!

I have been having a great time since I have been back as well, a very nice week at work, my students are very lovely and I am really enjoying this year. I had a free weekend which was good as Christmas is fast approaching and I have two craft fairs to do so I was very busy making stock this weekend. I made lots of little Xmas stocking ornies to complement my Xmas hearts – below are pics of three ornies with picture details of the charms I have used.

Xmas stocking ornies 1

Xmas stocking ornies 2

Xmas stocking ornies 3

I have also finished my latest wrist warmers, very useful now the Yorkshire temperature has dropped so much and winter is very much upon us!They will be very useful in the office when it gets so cold you cannot feel your fingers!

Blue Moss Stitch Wristwarmers

Will see you again at the weekend when I will have more Spain pics plus some more Xmas crafting finished.Have a lovely week and thanks very much for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Little Ole’ Wine Drinking Me!!!

    • Thanks very much Andrew, I am very much an amateur photgrapher but love taking pics of architecture and of natural scenery and the light in Spain is so fantastic. I am treating myself to a new camera for Xmas so hopefully can take even better pics with that.Have just had a quick look on your blog and am very excited to see a post with door pics – I love doors and my next post will be more Spanish doors from my latest trip, will go back for a closer look!
      Thanks for visiting

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