And talented visitors!

I had a comment on the last post about my talented friends from someone whose name seemed familiar to me and when I looked at her blog I realised that she runs a business designing and selling miniature embroidery kits for dolls’ houses and some years ago I bought one of her kits for Ellie’s dolls’ house.

Sadly I didn’t take any pics of all the stuff I made for the house which has now found a new home with the neighbours who have seven girls so it should get a lot of use! Ellie and I had great fun over a number of years buying and making all the things for the house and I made quite a few miniature embroidered things such as rugs and cushions as well as some bedding.

My visitor is called Janet Granger and she has a blog  and a website Janet Granger Designs  where she sells her kits and charts. I hope she won’t mind me sharing a pic of some of the things she does with you – I love these little bolster cushions – they are so cute!

Janet Granger Bolsters
Pic from Janet's blog of her latest bolster designs

She has all sorts of wonderful things like rugs, cushions, tea cosies, bell pulls,  chair seats etc and loads of coordinating sets  in 1/12 scale. Do go and have a  look at all the prettiness!

I very much admire people who are creative as I feel I really struggle with the original ideas bit – I can put things together and think I have a good eye for colour and co-ordination etc. but don’t ever do very much that is original. However I am working on this. Doing things like the textile course I did last year helped and I am hoping to do some City and Guilds courses in future years that will stimulate me more I am sure.

I am still cracking on with my little business venture , making ornies for the Oakwell Hall  Craft event on the 5th Dec . I have been putting together more of the kits for my little Xmas trees today as I have finished all of the ones I am going to make up. We will see how they sell and if successful I may look at doing more fairs next year – there are lots around here and I can quite happily make ornies all year round to build up stock in time!

I have also been making more of the Sue Schofield  Springwood House Designs  baubles and cones that I use to raise funds for the school in Nepal. These are the ones that Ellie and I finished last week. They just need the ribbons putting onto the top of the cones but I need to go and buy some more large pins from Sue who will be at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show the week after next.

New Xmas ornies 1
A little forest of pine cones


New Xmas ornies 2
And a trio of pretty baubles


I have also ben re-making some of my own ornies so that they co-ordinate better as they have tended to be developed randomly over the years so I am now trying to tie them all to the same colours. Really would like to keep all the ones I make and have them everywhere but the children already seem to the think that the house is over decorated at Xmas – there is of course no such thing as too much Xmas fabric loveliness!

I have been busy on the knitting front as well – am halfway through the lace pattern scarf and did have an attempt at sock knitting on four double-pointed needles this week ably assisted by my lovely friend Judy who came round for a masterclass. Sadly I did not get it quite right and ended up with a very mysterious loop however did get the hang of using four needles which at one point did seem a bit like trying to knit with spaghetti so will attempt those again.

Have also been making a stitched gift for a friend – finished it too late to take decent pics tonight but will do that tomorrow before I go to see her -am off to my lovely Marsden for her birthday treat!

Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “And talented visitors!

  1. I love the tiny bolsters! And I love your pine cones too – they are great. I’d love to buy one to send to my daughter, as she won’t be home for Christmas and can hang it on the tree, wherever she is.

    • I know aren’t they cute! Makes me want to buy a dolls’ house and start all over again. I’ll have to find a friend who has one and do some things for them. I will happily make you a pine cone as a gift in return for the loan of the needles – what sort of colours would you like ? I can do green, gold, red, silver, blue, maroon or any combination of those and I have a choice for most colours between a flowery ribbon and a plain or striped or checked ribbon. Two colours or two distinct patterns look best through you can have them all one colour as well. They are a good gift so end away as they are made from a polystyrene egg so don’t weigh much when finished.

      Let me know which one you want and I will make it and bring it to knitting – won’t be at the Weds one at the moment or Fri one till the 26th but will be at the next Yarn.


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