The art of fabric management

I am a great believer in buying it when you see it. This is a philosophy that holds true for most of my purchases in life but especially for fabric. This week was of course the long-awaited Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show which I visited with three friends. I made a few (ahem!) purchases – mainly of Xmas fabric again – it is just this time of year, they are all out there and so lovely you just have to.

I think if you like it you should buy it and then you can later think about what you might do with it. I do buy some things with a project in mind – mainly my wool but most of my fabric is bought because I really like it and then later it finds its way into a project – such as my friend’s sewing box a couple of weeks ago.

These are this year’s purchases –

Harrogate shopping 1
Medieval style fabric fat quarters from Sue Schofield of Springwood House Designs

Did not find the Florentine fabric that I used for my friend’s sewing box but these are other fabrics from the same designer Robert Kaufman available from the lovely Sue at Springwood House Designs.

Here is a close up of the red – I can see this coming in handy for lots of projects.

Harrogate shopping 4
It is actually an Xmas fabric but I think it looks very medieval

Also bought some more lovely ribbons from Sue and other suppliers for my baubles and pine cones.

Harrogate shopping 6
Especially like the ones with the stars on at the outer edges of this pic

There were also a few bits of very traditional Xmas fabric bought – these will not be used this year but will be next.

Harrogate shopping 2
These were all from Exmoor Fabrics


Harrogate shopping 3
And these from many other lovely stalls

There were so many lovely things – next year I am definitely going to go for two days – one is not nearly enough as we only got to whizz round the exhibition bits where all the students’ work is and I love that.

Lovely daughter Ellie has been home for the weekend and she has been helping my get ready for my Xmas Craft Fair at Oakwell Hall  next weekend. I am very excited about this – my first real venture with my own designs!

Here are another batch of my tree ornies – I have been sewing the braid on these this evening.

More Xmas ornies
Xmas trees or festive hats for gnomes!

I have also made a new batch of Xmas fabric gift bags – thanks to Ellie for sewing on all the ties – but the light was too dim when we finished to take a pic of these so that will have to wait till later.

So a very lovely weekend and lots more lovely fabric to use!

Thanks for visiting.