Cardi and card

I have almost completely finished the cardigan and booties that I have been making for my cousin Joanne’s new baby girl Avive – just the ribbon and buttons to sew on and then they will be done. 

Has taken me a long while to make up as the original purple frill that I knitted was too small so had to unpick it twice and then knit again on bigger needles – will know for the next time I make this pattern! 

avive's cardi 1
The finished cardi

avive's shoes
The little booties to match

The booties were very quick to knit and though they do look a little big for a small baby I’m sure she will grow in to them. 

Am taking this pattern away with me on hols to knit a bigger version for another family member as it was a very nice knit as well as some stitching. 

It is my birthday next week while we are away in Italy and my brother Ben and his partner Amanda came round yesterday for a BBQ (this time it only rained a little bit!). They bought me a ‘Best of Cat Stevens’ CD which has been on my wish list for a long time and Amanda made me the most beautiful card with this JBW  cat design on it.I will definitely frame this and keep it. 

amanda's card
My lovely birthday card

Just thought I would add a couple more recent pis of the kids for the benefit of family who read this blog. As an update to Friday’s  post here is Jake at the prom with some very lovely female friends. 

Jake and girls
Hannah and Victoria with Jake at the prom

Ellie spent 10 days in Spain recently at our house with two of her friends from University, Dani and Becky, so thought I would share a couple of her holiday pics with you. 

Ellie and family in Spain
Ellie with my Nana, my Mum and my Auntie Maureen
Ellie in Spain
And her she is with a lovely cocktail

I hope that you have had a lovly weekend – it has been really hot here so we have had a BBQ tonight as well and I have done more gardening in preparation for our week away.

Thanks for visiting.

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