I’m putting on my top hat ….

Well not me actually but Jake has – he had his prom this evening so thought I would share some pics with you. 

He and friend Sammy decided to adopt a Holmes and Watson theme (having recently seen the movie at the cinema ) so he hired a very dapper dinner suit complete with cravat and waistcoat and bought himself a top hat which he has been wanting for ages. 

prom 3
Jake in the garden
prom 7
He also had pipe and pocket watch for those deep in thought moments

 Ellie and I got dressed up and went to the hotel where the Prom was being held to watch everyone arrive. 

prom 9
How did they get so grown up!

We had a lovely time watching all the limos (and two horse drawn carriages) arrive and they all looked so lovely. The scary thing is that I have known quite a few of these kids since they were 2 at toddler group! 

Prom 11
The purple dress was one of mine and Ellie's favourite ones
Prom 12
More pretty girls

Jake’s limo was one of the last to arrive – they all had black windows so you couldn’t see who was inside so of course I took pics of every limo that arrived just in case but his was a very cool one with pink flames on. 

prom 4
The limo with go faster flames
Prom 1
Ellie managed to capture the moment that Jake stepped from the limo
Prom 5
Jake and Sammy ready for action

I hope that they have had a really nice time – I am just here waiting now for them to come back and collect tent and kit and go off for a post prom camp out. 

I know that have said this before but I am very, very proud of my kids. They are successful in what they choose to do but more importantly they are kind, supportive, helpful and really lovely to spend time with. They have had to cope with some really tough stuff in the last couple of years and have been so brilliant about everything. I am very much looking forward to our holiday together where we can spend lots of time just chilling  – hopefully with some very lovely weather. 

Mind you England is supposed to be nice this weekend which will be good as my brother and his partner are coming round for a BBQ – the 6th at home this year – I love BBQs – the smell of the charcoal, the roar of the sausages! 

Anyway thanks for visiting and will be back after Italy!

One thought on “I’m putting on my top hat ….

  1. They all look fantastic. Good to see the papparazzi were out in force for the arrival of the prom celebs – even if they were all mums and dads.

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