Terrific Tatton!

We spent a very lovely (and very hot!) weekend at Tatton Hall in Cheshire this weekend. We love this event – not only is it a beautiful venue , it is near home ( a mere 1 1/2 hours away) and it is always near Jake’s birthday so we have a little celebration. 

tatton - jake's bday
Jake blowing out the candles on his 16th birthday cake!


We are still going to events by train at the moment as I don’t have a car and by a cunning combination of rail and some very nice taxi drivers we have managed to get everywhere we want to go. Travelling by train means that we have to minimise what take with us – especially for an event like this where we have to take all our food and drink for the weekend as there are no shops nearby. 

We have got it down to a fine art now – here are the kids with the luggage on the way back on Sun eve. 

Tatton - kids and luggage
This includes the tent all camping gear including cooking stuff and food and all clothes including medieval kit


I think even when I do have a car I will try and travel this light as we really do have everything we need here – we even have chairs (very small stools) and a mini camping table which you can see in the pic below ( not for eating but useful for prepping food). 

And it all unpacks as this – here are the kids Fri night at the tent. 

tatton - ellie and jake in tent
Lovely sunny evening in camp


I do love camping (may have mentioned this before!)  but this weekend was excellent – great weather (we all came back a little pink!), great company and lots of laughs at the beer tent and round the camp fire. I love being outdoors! 

Here are some pics from the event of us in kit – 

Tatton Bardolphs 1
Here are Lord and Lady Bardolph (Lynn and Paul) and friend Jackie dressed up to go shopping at the event's market on Saturday


tatton - bardolphs 2
Lady Bardolph in her heraldic dress on Sunday


tatton - knights
Our knights ready for battle on Sunday


As I have mentioned in previous posts I have been making a new dress for Ellie and I got it finished in time. It is a new style of dress for me to make with contrasting gores in a paler fabric than the main body of the dress and it has worked very well – she is very pleased with it.

Next time I make one in this style I will make the gored pieces a little longer as they flare out so look shorter than the main body of the dress but that is one of the things that you learn by experience. Anyway she really likes it.

tatton -ellie new dress
Ellie - pretty in pink


We acted as water carriers again at the event – here are Ellie and Jake at muster waiting to go on the battlefield. 

ellen n jake @ tatton
Waiting to go into battle


And here are some of our friends on the battlefield. 

Tatton - fox etc
Men in armour - what a lovely sight!


We have a quiet weekend coming up – we are having a BBQ with my brother and his partner but then are off to Italy next Monday – Venice awaits!

Thanks again for visiting.

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