Xmas decs go live!

We have had a very lovely and very busy weekend starting with the annual Festival of Light in the town centre on Friday night. This event is always a street theatre of some kind with a grand fireworks finale.  

This year it was a group from France called Trance Express who led a parade round town with a float containing a rock band and two huge drums played by men on swinging trapeze. They were followed by a band of drummers and flares. When they got to the square where the final performance was held there was a very large crane and the singing group appeared suspended from it and performed a couple of numbers while swinging above the crowd.  

Then there was an excellent fireworks display – I do love big fireworks!  

Festival 1
A lot of bright lights from the flares!
Festival 2
The suspended performers in front of the railway station
Festival 3
Fireworks - very near to the performers!
Festival 4
Lots of big bangs and pretty lights!

We then went for a lovely meal on Sat to our friends Taru and Bob’s where Jake and I had excellent food, excellent company and excellent wine (in my case not Jake’s!)  

Sunday I spent most of the day decorating the house for Xmas – a little bit earlier than usual but I do love Xmas decs and the poor things have been in a cold garage for long enough – they need to be out to be admired. I have posted pics of the main decs before and not much has changed in the layout but I do have a few special new bought things to show you.  

Every year I like to buy something special and a couple of years ago at Disneyland in Florida I bought this very cute Minnie and Mickey for the tree.  

Xmas decs 1
Minnie and Mickey from the good old USA

 We are big Disney fans and love visiting Disneyland and you may remember that we went this year in March for Ellie’s 18th where I chose this lovely sparkly decoration … 


Xmas decs 2
Golden Minne and Mickey from France

Ellie wanted to buy a decoration and she chose this very cute Tinkerbell inside a bell that rings.  

Xmas decs 3
Tinkerbell for my Disney Princess Ellie

 Last year I also bought these lovely little ornies – they are supposed to hang from a tree but I think they look better on the hearth.  

Xmas decs 4
A trio of Santas

 All my hand-made decs are all over the house now and I think I may have to make some more for next year as there are just never enough baubles in some places! I will leave you with a nice pic of the tree all lit up.  

Xmas tree
Thanks to Jake for helping with all the decs - he always reckons I have too many but I do not do minimalism at Xmas!

Hope you have fun preparing for Xmas – now back to the stitching! Thank you for visiting.

3 thoughts on “Xmas decs go live!

  1. You always do have too many decs mum! Can’t wait to come home and see the house all lovely and X-massy!

    ly x x x

  2. Alison,
    I love your site. I have posted the ornament I stitched for you. I hope you like it. I don’t kno how to add a blog note to the Ornament Exchange site so I found your site and am going to try to contact you this way. Merry Christmas – Marlene

  3. Hello Marlene lovely to hear from you – thank you so much for visiting my blog and I am glad you like it.

    I am always a bit confused about how to post on the ASOE site but if you sign in to the site from the link on the top right of the page with the e-mail and password you first registered with then it takes you to the Dashboard and you can do a post from there.

    Thnak you for sending the ornament – I am sure I will like it – I love anything to do with Xmas as you can tell from my blog – hope yours from me arrives before Xmas as the last one I sent to the US took about 3 weeks.

    Have a good festive season. Alison

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