More pics from Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show – Quilting

I still have  a lot more to post about the show from last week so thought I would share some more with you now. The theme for this post is quilting and some of these pics come from my good friend Anita who kindly downloaded all her pics onto my PC when we met up this last weekend. She has a much better camera than me with all sorts of settings – I have a very simple point and click one not being technologically minded and being very prone to drowning cameras! 

These quilts were all winners in  various categories – I forgot to note down what the competition was but there was some wonderful work in both traditional and contemporary styles. 

Quilt 1
This was my favourite piece the overall effect was amazing
Quilt 2
Detail of the above quilt
Quilt 3
A more traditional quilt with applique and patched sections
Quilt 4
Detail of the applique section
Quilt 5
Amazing quilting on one of the wholecloth background areas
Quilt 6
One of the art quilts - a portrait
Quilt 7
Detail of the quilting around the face

The level of workmanship in these quilts is amazing and I am sorry that I don’t have details of who made them to give these very talented people credit. If you recognise your work please leave me a comment so that I can credit you. I have only just started doing the most simple patchwork and quilting (you have seen my tree!) and am in awe of the level of skill and dedication in these pieces. 

I also bought a lovely book at the show which I read within a week and have now passed on to Anita. It was called ‘The Quilt that Walked to Golden’  and had been on my Xmas wish list but I bought it as a treat for me. It was a wonderful book with the stories of women who made quilts in Colorado from the time of the pioneers up to the present-day with extracts from their life histories and diaries and lots of pictures of both historic and new quilts. I loved this book (Little House on the Prairie gone live!) and now want to follow it up and read some of the biographies of the women listed in the book and the other books about this topic . 

I have also added another one to the  ‘places I want to visit’  on my ever-increasing list with Colorado and in particular the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum  which is in Golden, Colorado. I have wanted to visit the Rockies for a long time ever since discovering Mary Kathryn’s brilliant blog – every week she posts her Rocky Mountain Wednesdays photos of where she lives – I love Yorkshire and think it is very beautiful but she has some amazing scenery (and lots of quilt shops!)

I have also been very busy working on my Xmas stitching, knitting and quilting – why is that however early you start you have never finished all those projects you wanted to do for people? Oh well at least I have lots of ideas for birthday gifts for next year!

Thanks for visiting – happy stitching!