Happy Christmas everyone!

As this will probably be my last post before the festive season really gets underway I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a lovely 2010. 

We have just returned from Worcester where we were visiting my sister. We visited the German Market in Birmingham while we were there to have lunch of sausages, pretzel and chocolate dipped fruit and marshmallow skewers. 

Xmas market 1
The beer and gluhwein stall


Xmas market 2
Some very nice Xmas decs on this stall - bought a lovely bag of pot pourri and a scented star


Xmas market 3
Ellie and Jake at the market sweet stall


Ellen is most excited to have returned to snow. They have not had any in Worcester and she was worried that the snow we had last week would have gone by the time she got here but no we got back and the world was even more white than when we left. 

Lots of snow again to complement my carefully placed snowflake decorations!


So much snow that we have had to do our Xmas food shopping at the local store rather than go into town as at the moment taxis are not coming up our road. I did go into town for a few special things today (have treated myself to the Nigella Christmas cookbook so needed some more exotic ingredients!) so we are now fully stocked. 

We plan to spend some time baking together tomorrow – making and decorating the yule log, making cranberry and white chocolate cookies, putting together the gingerbread house and decorating the Christmas cake. Ellie and I are going to Christingle service at one of our local churches.

 I have masses of stitching and knitting to show you after Xmas that cannot be revealed now but I can show you the ornie that I sent to Marlene in the US as part of the ASOE exchange. This is a design called Noel by Helga Mandl – if you look carefully at the tree the word Noel is spelt out (on each half of the tree -you will have to look at the pic sideways for it to make sense). 

Xmas stitched ornie
The Noel ornament from Helga Mandl


We had our Embroiderers’  Guild Xmas meal last week and I was very pleased to see that Barbara, my very talented friend, had made some little trees for table decorations following my instructions on the blog. Here are some pics  of the trees and their maker. 

Xmas tree dec
Barbara's patchwork tree


Barbara at the Guild meal with the tree decoration


I do hope that you have a very lovely time with good food, good company and lots of time for relaxing and stitching. Jake and I are off to Spain for New Year for some sun and warm fingers! 

Happy Xmas and happy stitching! Thanks for visiting.