Home alone …. with a pumpkin!

I have had a very rare occurence these last two days as I have been here all by myself! Ellie is of course in Worcester and Jake has gone to London on a drama and media trip. He left very early yesterday morning and is due back very late tonight. He was going to see two shows, visit an art gallery, have a tour of the sights and go to Covent Garden – there was also Pizza Hut for tea which he was very pleased about!

So I have been on my own for the first time in a long time – I think the last time this happened was about three years ago when everyone else had been invited away for the weekend and I was ill so couldn’t go. The house has been very quiet and it has been strange not having to make any meals. This is good preparation for Jake leaving home in a few years – what will I do with all that extra time!

More textiles of course! I can now post pics of the item I have had from Wendy Jo  in the US as part of the autumn exchange. As soon as she has posted pics of the ornament I have sent her on the ASOE  blog I can post pics of that but in the meantime here is the lovely pumpkin cushion she sent me.

The cushion being modelled on a pumpkin!
The cushion being modelled on a pumpkin!

It is a really gorgeous pattern from JBW Designs – I have admired their very detailed work for a long time but never stitched any myself. The back of the piece is equally lovely.

Cute oak leaf and acorn backing fabric
Cute oak leaf and acorn backing fabric

Thank you very much Wendy Jo. It is  a very appropriate design as at this time of year I always buy a pumpkin for the kids to turn into a lantern and to make what has become a traditional recipe for this time of year – a soup that I really love. It is from Delia Smith’s Winter Collection  recipe book and is called ‘Pumpkin soup with melting cheese’ – recipe is at Delia’s site via this link.   It is heaven in a bowl and one of the things worth putting up with soggy Autumn days for.

I shall be making the soup this weekend once Jake has cut out his lantern. He doesn’t actually like the soup though – which just means more for me!

The Winter/Xmas exchange is up next for a new partner Marlene (no blog) . I have hundreds of Xmas designs to choose from but think I know which one to pick. That has to be finished and mailed by 5th Dec so I have a while to work on it.

I have made good progress with my knitting – the second Xmas piece is now finished and I am starting the third piece tonight. Will be posting soon about the lovely new knitting shop we have here that hosts Knit and Natter. In the meantime have banana bread (have added cinnamon to the recipe this time) which smells like it is ready to come out of the oven!

Bye for now.

3 thoughts on “Home alone …. with a pumpkin!

  1. I managed to get DS2 to eat pumpkin today by putting it in a veggie sausage and bean casserole. Going to try pancakes next time.
    Time on your own is easy to get used to, gives you lots of uninterrupted sewing and knitting time

  2. Yes I keep trying to sneak all sorts of stuff into stews and casseroles, swede, parnsip, mushrooms,courgettes – he just picks them all out! When we took Ellie food shopping when she went to Worcester she was most pleased to tell me that she would no longer have to remove the bits that she didn’t like from her food – I can but try to get them eating more veggies!

    I am sure I will get used to time on my own – just strange not to have anyone else to look after.

  3. awww Mummy * huggs *

    I can’t believe I’m gonna miss carving the pumpkin! I’ll have to get one for the flat. You’ll be pleased to know that today I also bought a whole bag of carrots, and more cider so I’m getting my 5-a-day 🙂

    Ly x x x

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