Xmas baubles and general domesticity

It has been a very wet and windy weekend so I have spent most of it indoors creating ornaments and cooking. I did venture out yesterday as there was a vintage clothes and textiles fair on in town. Lots of lovely things – mainly 40s and 70s clothes but some lovely beadwork and embroidered bags.

I was looking for textiles I could use in my stitching and got a bargain with these two sets of old textile samples that I will use as backing on small ornaments/ pincushions etc.

Fabric samples
Fabric samples

I don’t think they are very old probably only 1970s or 80s but very pretty.

I have been bauble and pine cone making all week and so far have these towards my fundraising efforts.
Christmas is coming ......
Christmas is coming ......
The pine cones are not in the aforementioned book – they are from Sue Schofield  as before but I bought one of her kits to get the instructions for those. They are made from folded ribbon and lots and lots of pins ! I now have now have very sore thumbs as the one in the middle – the burgundy one – is made of very thick ribbon!
Have also been busy in the kitchen – have made pumpkin soup – as delicious as always! Have not done the lantern with Jake yet – he is very poorly at the moment with bad flu and cough poor lad.
My lunch - pumpkin soup served with olive ciabatta roll - how nice!
My lunch - pumpkin soup served with olive ciabatta roll - how nice!

My children will probably be rolling their eyes in despair at me posting pictures of food but I am also going to post my breakfast as well. Have discovered a fab new blog (was a link off someone else’s – forget who – that I found last night) and is one on the theme of breakfasts. There were some really lovely ideas so thought I would try one of them today – this is a multigrain bagel and pesto topped with a  fried egg with Lee and Perrins Tomato and Worcester sauce – lovely!

Sunday's leisurely breakfast
Sunday's leisurely breakfast

The blog is called Simply Breakfast  and belongs to Jennifer Causey. I plan to try out some more of her lovely ideas – she has a total of 457 posts so that should provide some variety to my mornings (don’t worry kids will not be posting pics of them all!).

Please do go and leave a comment on the 100th post (scroll down the page) – I will be doing the draw in a week. Thanks to everyone who has left comments already.

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