Blogaversary and giveaway – my 100th post (contains textiles – what a surprise – and cake!)

Well here it is at last my 100th post complete with giveaway. Please do leave a comment if you visit and I will put all comments into a draw to be picked on Monday 2nd Nov. Please let me know in your comment if you would like a stitchy gift or a non-stitchy gift.

I started this blog about two years ago and in that time have met (virtually)some lovely people through blogging and my recent foray into exchanging through blogs. I find fantastic inspiration from reading all the blogs I visit and am constantly finding new ones (note to self – must add more to Blog Roll) to enjoy. So thank you to the wonderful blogging community for all the happy hours I have spent reading your work. Special thanks to the people who have added me to their blog rolls as I know I get lots of visitors that way.

The first post I ever put contained my Xmas ornaments so I thought it was fitting that I start off with a pic of one of this season’s batch.I have still got a huge stash of lovely stuff from when I first started making these to fund raise to go to Nepal so am making them again to raise money for the project.

Addicted to buying Xmas fabric - who me ?
Addicted to buying Xmas fabric - who me ?

This was my dining room table yesterday – I just love getting out all the fabric and beads, braids and cute charms and just going for it.

The first bauble of the 2009 season
The first bauble of the 2009 season

I particularly love the little brass charms which I pin to the sides of the baubles – I get mine from Stitch Direct  by mail order. If you are interested in details of where to buy the book that shows you how to make them then this web site is where to go. Springwood House Designs is run by the very talented Sue Schofield and the book ‘Decorations to Dazzle’ contains patterns for far more complex and wonderful designs than I can manage at present!

Am doing very well with Xmas crafting for presents but sadly cannot post pics here – unless I create a page marked ‘family do not look’ ! However have been doing a few other bits in between gifts.

I also made a card for a friend’s birthday. This is a pattern from an old copy of New Stitches magazine (which is available from Stitch Direct site above).

Blackwork flower card
Blackwork flower card

I have also been venturing into unknown territory with my Creative Textiles class and trying machine embroidery! I use the machine for costume making though was always a bit unsure what to do but was experimenting the other week with my transfer painted flower and is has turned out rather nicely.

The appliqued flower with machined detail
The appliqued flower with machined detail

I now plan to sew the organza petals over the top and hand stitch and bead onto them.

The organza petals pinned in place
The organza petals pinned in place

Also finished quilting the fish we did by transfer printing on the first week. I have been doing some wholecloth quilting for one of my WIP gifts and am really enjoying it.

Am also rediscovering my inner domestic goddess and baking. Partly inspired by watching Economy Gastronomy on BBC which reminded me how much I really love cooking.

I did an O and A level in it but many years of providing family meals (and trying to remember who wouldn’t eat which food!) kind of dampened my enthusiasm. However it was one of the things I was always determined to do again when I had a bit more time. So here are two of my recent bakes.

My very fisrt banana bread!
My very first banana bread!
Good old gingerbread - everyone eats this!
Good old gingerbread - everyone eats this!

Am off now to make more baubles – happy crafting everyone!

7 thoughts on “Blogaversary and giveaway – my 100th post (contains textiles – what a surprise – and cake!)

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post. I’ve really enjoyed my visits over the last few months and look forward to the next 100. The flower is coming along very nicely, can’t wait to see the next installment

  2. Alison, your blog is amazing. All the lovely things that you make and record are a joy to see, all that inspiration too with your new found textile work – beware it’s addictive! What I want to know is – when do you sleep?
    See you soon.

  3. I’m full of admiration for you Alison, you seem to accomplish such a lot and your work is beautiful. Good luck with your course, I look forward to seeing the finished pieces.
    A stitchy gift would be nice.

  4. Yum, Yum some of your baked treats look soo delicious!! I’m glad you are enjoying your exchanging, I love the ornie you made for me, It will be displayed on my tree this year. If I am the winner of your blogoversary draw I would love another of your stitched pieces. Cheers. LISA V.

  5. Well, I’m relatively new to your blog and a first time poster – so perhaps that’s a good thing for a 100th post! I think I found your blog through wordpress tag surfer. I love your christmas decorations! Traditional yet really interesting and unique. Your tree must look gorgeous come December.

    • Hello Cat welcome to my blog! Thanks very much for your post.I must admit to developing a bit of an addiction for stitching Xmas ornies in the last few years. I have some on the go throughout the year though actually most of them I give away as gifts. I do keep one of each sort for my tree so eventually it will all be handmade on there. I do also have a lot of the pine cone ornies and baubles that I use to decorate my hallway and hang the baubles from my mantel as well – there are some pics in posts in Jan and Dec 2008 of these if you want to have a look.

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