I’m back !!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Have been back from Nepal for a while but returned to various technical issues including lack of PC and Internet and since those have been fixed have been trying to find time to put together a summary of my trip including whittling down the 800 odd pics I took to a selection for this blog. I have finally done it so please visit the page – it will take a couple of minutes to load as there are about 50 pics on it. Unfortunately I have had to change my site theme so that you can see the link to the new page – don’t like this one as much but will work on it.

What was it like? Very much as I imagined it to be – I have read so much about the country and seen so many pics that much was as I expected. Was not expecting such lovely hotels and restaurants – a lot of it was much more sophisticated and we had swimming pools and lovely food when we were in Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as the roughing it in the village.

The work was as hard as I had expected and it was very, very hot but we coped and I am very proud of myself for being able to do this project. Two years ago I had major health problems that meant I was walking with a stick and in considerable pain so the fact that I went at all makes me very pleased. I would also like to thank my Mum and lovely children who supported me so much in wanting to make the trip. You are all fab and I really, really missed you while I was away.

Life changing experience no – don’t want life to change any more have had enough changes for a while! Life affirming yes – very much so, have come back stronger, physically and mentally and knowing that I was able to do something really special.

I will leave you with a few recent pics – one from graduation this year with my students – my last as the Foundation Course leader as I have gone part-time for this year.


 The next is my lovely kids again – this was taken on a recent night out. They are still so supportive and have been so wonderful this year.

Ellie and Jake
Ellie and Jake

 We went to a friend’s wedding reception on Sunday – congratulations to Nick and Clare from the Team Falchion re-enactment group. We had a great time and this is me and my lovely kids in our medieval costumes as it was a fancy dress event.

My lovely (and very tall!) kids
My lovely (and very tall!) kids

Promise that there will be regular updates from now on – as long as my internet does not die again!

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