Hello from me

Been a little while since the last post as term has started and have been very busy. Have spent a large part of this weekend and last weekend decorating and doing the garden (hurrah!) as we have finally had some half decent weather so me and the kids have been battling the overgrown hedges and lawn and have got it into some sort of order. The decorating is coming on great – have got all paintwork done in the little room that used to be Jake’s and today have filled holes ready for sanding and wallpapering sometime soon.

I had carpets fitted on the stairs, landing, new stairs and the little room on Monday which makes things look a lot tidier and have a plumber coming to do the fitting of stuff in the shower room in a week or so.

All in all very good progress and most of it should be done before I go off to Nepal in less than a month! It is all getting very exciting!

Went out last night with Sue, my oldest friend here, to the pub and had a lovely time with her and Jill another old friend. Also had friends round for a meal on Mon eve  – is nice to be doing stuff like this as have not had time for socialising much over the last year due to work. I am lucky to have very good friends and really value them.

No pictures I’m afraid as digital camera is still at menders from having sand in the lens while in Spain! Do not have much luck with cameras but bought insurance when I bought this one as lots of previous ones have had accidents with red wine, the sea etc (nothing to do with me of course!).

Had a good week workwise – met all the new students on Thurs – a very nice bunch and we are full on next week with the start of term. Has been very nice these last two weeks being officially part-time it may not continue as I think I’m going to need to work full-time again next year but am enjoying it while it lasts.

Have a new feature on the blog – the Medieval Costume page where I am going to post articles about what we wear and how I make it -do visit!

Will leave you with another pic from my needlework collection – this is another of my web collection and shows a fine example of goldwork.

Goldwork on a chausable
Goldwork on a chausable

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