Being happy

Have had a weekend of very, very happy stuff as this weekend have been at Bradley Wood on our last building weekend before we go to Nepal. Brilliant weather, brilliant fun with the team. There was a County Cub camp on at the same time so there were 700 cubs on site all enjoying themselves doing lots of fab activities and they had a disco most of the day so we were dancing while building. I spent Sat doing drains and most of Sun building a wall out of rough stone on my own.

That really represents how much I have learnt in the last year as I would not have had the confidence to build that last year but I was quite happy doing it on my own. Sorry for the lack of pics – my camera is still at the menders and I did take some on my new flash phone but can’t work out how to transfer them to the computer!

Project Nepal means so much to me . When I applied I didn’t know if I would physically be able to cope given my previous problems with walking. But here I am 18 months later and I am fine – the odd ache but no more than anyone who has spent all day bending building a wall and I am feeling very fit and healthy generally.

Am having a party this weekend with all my friends to celebrate – partly a loft conversion warming (though not all of it is finished) , partly to say goodbye to everyone before I go away and partly as a celebration of us all getting through the last year. It has been a tough one for so many of my close friends – lots of difficult things to cope with but we are all here and we are happy. Hope that you are too.