Positive day and new beginnings

I have had a very good day today with some lovely things happening.  Today we had our end of year strawberry tea when all the staff gather to eat strawberries, chat and those who are leaving are given gifts and thanked.

I went today particularly to say goodbye to one of my colleagues who started me off on my full time career at the University by appointing me to a research post many years ago and was delighted to find another old colleague from the past there as well.

Peter was my old boss when I worked for the Adult Education Service, a lovely man who really supported me through my time there and who is responsible for developing my love of Numeracy teaching as he gave me my first class in that subject. I was so pleased to see him as he has just been appointed to a new post in our section to develop research and funding etc. It was a lovely blast from the past and a very nice new beginning for him and me.

I will leave you again with some fabulous work – not mine again as I need to get things sorted and places decorated before I have the luxury of sitting down with a needle I’m afraid.


The only information I have for this piece is that it is Swedish Blackwork though given that it is a black and white picture it could well be redwork but I really like the scrolling patterns on this.

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