Well apologies for the lack of recent posts – two and a half weeks later and the builders are still here – I am still cleaning every night (after work, start at 8.30 finish about 10 eat at 10.30 and fall asleep on computer after 3 glasses of wine at 11.30!). However (and she is probably tempting fate by saying this!) it really all should be done soon.

Last bits of electrical work are to be done tomorrow and then two last bits of plastering and it is all done bar the decorating ,fitting the bathroom, building the new furniture, restoring the garden and working out where we put all the boxes of stuff we moved out during the build!
Not been the best time to do this what with the work situation and all but today is a very significant day in the career of. I have just taught my last evening class. Next week I have one group doing presentations so I have no preparation to do for that and that is it – after 17 years! It will be so good (and very weird) to not have to rush around in the morning sorting out tea and remember all the things that need to be got ready. I will be here at home most of the week and even when I do have to go to work will return while there is still daylight!
In light of this I have just got some new business cards done and am going to be fitting out the new study/workroom over the next few weeks with storage for all of the fabric that currently resides all over the house.Am getting very excited now – seems a long long time since I made the decision in Feb and we are now nearly there.
Do not have any pics from build ready to upload but will leave you with another nice piece from my historical embroidery collection.


Blackwork caul
This is the most wonderful reproduction of Elizabethan blackwork – I have forgotten who the embroider is whose site I got it from but I think it was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) based in the USA as I have visited a lot of their wonderful sites. They have some very talented embroiderers in their groups.If you are the clever person who did this, or know them please leave me a comment so that I can credit you properly.

Hopefully normal blogging service will be resumed soon!

One thought on “Optimism

  1. This was done by an Australian embroiderer, who is a member of the SCA. Her name in the SCA is Jane Stockton, and you can find her work pretty easily via google.

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