Lost post

Have just realised that earlier on this evening I accidentally deleted my first post which introduced the whole blog which leaves the whole thing a bit stranded so this is a re-creation of that.

 After a year of reading other people’s blogs , mainly Mary Kathryn’s wonderfully inspiring one and all the links from that I decided to start my own to share my work and hopefully interest others as I have been inspired by all of the wonderful things that you have all stitched.

 I have created a series of pages about me , my stitching and other interests and hope that if you drop by you will leave me a comment so that I can start making some cyber friends. I am currently frantically stitching and creating for some fundraising I am doing (see Project Nepal page) and have lots to finish for Xmas. I have been stitching since my teens but have only been seriously addicted for the last few years. Would think about getting therapy but actually this is my therapy so have no intention of quitting!

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