Me, the WWW and Xmas

I learnt to use the internet about 10 years ago and at the time learnt how to write web pages using HTML – not that I have really needed to use this since. However it has come in very handy in putting together this blog as I at least have a working knowledge of how to structure the pages, move pictures etc. Just shows that you never know when some little bit of knowledge will come in handy! I have put together a little slide show of some of our pics from re-enactment on the medieval re-enactment page so I hope you like them – quite a few are taken this year at Jennie and Blackie’s medieval wedding (see Finishes 2007 page for more on that).

We have finished putting up all the Xmas decorations – I do have some pictures to post but the little creative geniuses that are my children have got the lead for the digital camera somewhere in one of their rooms as they have been making models out of Plasticine and filming little animations with our camera (anyone remember Morph?) so that will have to wait.

 I have been trying to finish one of the last of my cross stitch ornies that I am using some of the wonderful sparkly fabric for. Unfortunately I have chosen a very high count fabric (at least 28 if not more) so am having trouble seeing it and have had to do lots of unpicking! It does however have to be finished by Friday as it is a present for a friend and she is coming here on Sat which is the last time I will see her before we fly to Spain on Monday 17th (yippee). My Mum lives in Spain so we are there for Xmas – she keeps ringing and telling me how hot it is there and it is very wet and cold here so I can’t wait.

I also have to finish off the last of the other snowflakes that I have made as I am giving these instead of Xmas cards this year. The pic shows them almost done – I just have to stuff with wadding and sew up but I am out tomorrow having an Xmas meal with people from work so that will have to wait till Weds. I can see that despite starting in Sept I will still be finishing off my Xmas stuff at 2 am the morning before as usual! Hope that you are all a lot more organised!

Cross Stitch ornies

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