Tokyo city

As I mentioned in a previous post Tokyo is a vast place, composed of many smaller city areas and as we had an excellent tour guide in my son Jake, we saw a lot of it while we were there.

Our first trip was to one of the many viewing towers, we chose the Tokyo Skytree. Ironically, although we had brilliant sunny weather for most of the time we were there, that day was a bit dull and misty, so we didn’t get the full effect.

It was still amazing though, with a brilliant shopping centre and food court below it. The tower is 634 metres high, and is still the tallest tower in the world. The tallest structure is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

We went to the lower viewing platform, a mere 350 metres in height. From here you can get a sense of the scale of the city.

There is also a scary bit of see through floor, that is a long way down!

We visited many different areas of the city on the excellent public transport system. Although it is vast, and there are so many people, it didn’t seem really crowded until we went to the Harajku shopping area, where we got caught in a crush of fairly epic proportions in one of the streets.

There are many parks in the city as well, as an antidote to all that hustle and bustle, larger ones such as the Imperial Palace Gardens, and small ones like this little temple garden, just a few minutes away from Harajuku.

We visited the Palace Gardens on a beautiful sunny day. It was lovely to see some original architecture as well. Sadly due to bombing during WW2, and many earthquakes, little survives of older architecture in the city. However these guardhouses date from the 17th century and were built from wood with amazing roof tiles.

The gardens also include tea houses, built when the gardens were first opened to the public in the early 1900s, and many gorgeous plantings of blossom trees and my favourite rhododendrons. There was also some amazing bamboo.

There were some beautiful coy carp in the ponds too.

We did also visit some of the smaller residential areas as well. There were some interesting examples of housing in these streets.

A feature of Japanese construction is that all powerlines are above ground due to the risk of earthquakes, so there are jumbles of wires everywhere.

A fascinating city and well worth a visit. I will be back as soon as possible with a post about rural Japan, which was just as beautiful as I had hoped. I would love to go back to explore more of that, there were so many of my favourite features, mountains and rivers.

I have been busy with the Barbie clothing since I got back, I am aiming for a spring collection of six outfits for the next of my fundraisers so just have one fabric and one more knitted one to go, but am very pleased with progress so far.

I will share all of that soon as this afternoon I am finishing sewing the last dress. I have plans to get out on my bike as well today, before it gets too hot as it is up to 25 degrees today.

I hope that you are enjoying life, whatever you are doing have fun, take care, stay safe and thanks for visiting.

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